Monday, March 29, 2021

Stay at Home Round Robin - SAHRR - The Reveal

Welcome to another edition of {Not so...} Mini Monday!!  This was supposed to be the final reveal of the Stay at Home Round Robin.  You see, today is the day that participants are to link-up their finished quilts or quilt tops.  I will be doing that once the party is posted.

Which will it be, Joyful???

Gail @ Quilting Gail hosted a Stay-at-Home Round Robin.  She recruited some of her blogger friends to help out.  I took the chance that I might be able to find time to work on this project.

Here is how the project progressed...

Round OnePiano Keys with Chris @ Chris Knits

Round Two - Plus Signs with Emily @ The Darling Dogwood

Round Three - Flying Geese with Anja @ Anja Quilts

Round Four - Checkerboard with Roseanne and Sue @ Home Sewn by Us

Round SixLog Cabins with Susan @ Quilt Fabrication

Round Seven - Pinwheels with our hostess, Gail @ Quilting Gail

That brings us to the big reveal!!!  Oh, how I was hoping for a complete quilt top...

Only days before this post, I once again turned my attention to finishing up Round 7's Pinwheels:

While I was at it...

... I planned a couple extra rows.  Another red piano key row (shown above) and another Plus block row (shown below):

Drum roll, please...

Row Seven has been added to the quilt:

Next, I played with those red piano keys:

I sewed pairs of scraps together...

... To create sections...

... Which turned into an anchor for the bottom of my quilt:

I'm SEW pleased to be able to present (the TOP of ) my Stay at Home ROW Robin (which I had hoped to finish today, but the longarm had other ideas):

Whether a banner...

Or a runner...

You might notice the extra row of Plus Blocks that I mentioned earlier.  I was in the zone while making them (and SEW excited about being close to a finish) that I completely forgot photos!

I am SEW pleased to have completed the top of my SAHRR!!

Special thanks to Gail Quilting Gail and friends...

... For creating this fun internet event!!  I started with an Orphan block and really enjoyed building a quilt around my Feathered Star UFO in a totally different way than I might normally work!  Look for one final update once the quilt has been completed.

In case YOU would like to give this method of construction a try, here are all the links for the Stay At Home Round Robin:

I'm off to join the Link Party!!  I hope you will visit, too.  You won't believe how different they all are!  Here's the LINK.

Sharing with Alycia

...even though I just got finished telling her that I didn't have anything finished to share for the Link Party.  Whoops!
I forgot that I had something NOT finished to link up.
(I'm pretty sure that Alycia won't mind.)

Until next time...
Sew aROUND!!

I'll leave you with some garden outtakes, since my snow iris bloomed out just in time for the photo shoot:


  1. Looks great! It's always amazing to see how round Robin quilts turn out and this one certainly doesn't disappoint! I really like the pluses and the piano keys anchoring it. ~Jeanne

  2. wow! This turned out great!!! I was hoping to have a finished quilt but it is still a top--I have it loaded but not completed! It sure was a fun project!

  3. Wonderful!!! I really like how you chose to do rows instead of rounds. What a beautiful banner or runner you now have!
    Thanks for linking up to the SAHRR Parade.
    Happy Quilting!

  4. Proud of you for pushing on. Mine got out of hand early on and was going to be a full size quilt if I had kept going!

  5. I like how you added the additional piano keys and plus signs so your project feels symmetrical! Looks great, Joy!

  6. Oh I just love it I've been joyed it the whole way through and now it's so balanced I think it should be a banner

  7. By the way that comment was from Leanna but on the iPad so it said I'm unknown

  8. What a great top! I love that you just added things where it fit your vision.

  9. You knocked this project out of the park! It is spectacular! A great finish!

  10. I love how you added rows to suit you! Great top!

  11. Given the extreme number of other things you have going on, consider it a success that you got this far. And since you mentioned that it was the longarm that held up the finishing, I think you get a pass for now. It's amazing how different all of these projects evolved.

  12. Another unique quilt top! It's so fun to go along with the process and watch these beauties grow. Well done.

  13. I love your colors and totally unique design, Joy! That would make a great banner for patriotic holidays!

  14. Great finish Joy! Your certainly did an unconventional round robin but I like it! It is a great way to use that UFO!

  15. Oh my gosh!! this is so cool!! I love how it looks so different laying there in different directions!! Go you!!!


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