Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Wonderful Wednesday and the Pineapple Treat

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  The day has finally arrived.  Late morning found me in the car headed for parts unknown.  Or rather to...

Thomasville, North Carolina, which was unknown to me.

After an hour of driving and another half-hour of standing in line, I turned the heel on my latest sock as I waited...

... For my 2nd Covid vaccine.  It was done in a flash and when I arrived at the door to leave, that flash might well have been the FLOOD variety with the rain that was pouring down:

That didn't deter me from my mission:

I zoomed in and changed the color so you could get a better look at the sign on my way into the parking lot:

My first visit to Pineapple Fabrics since the opening of their Warehouse Store in Archdale, NC:

This is what I saw upon entering the warehouse store:

The fabric, patterns, and notions go on for miles:

I came with a list...

First stop, selvedge bundles for Needleb:

Next, unbleached muslin for Knittingsuek:

Then, a little something for myself.  This will be the backing for my Scrap Jar Stars quilt when I ever finish all the blocks:

Let's not forget something for Baby F's quilt:

Oh, look!  A wine bottle quilt like LeeAnna's RSC21 project:

Speaking of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge...

Goodbye GREEN...

... Hello, Bright and Light BLUE:

I hope you enjoyed this little tour.  Just so you know... it is SEW worth the trip!!  Fortunately for me, Pineapple was only 15 minutes away from my immunization location and on my route home.  :o))

Until next time...
Smell the fabric pheromones!!!


  1. I've heard that rain on your wedding day is good luck, so rain on your second vax day must be the Very Best luck! In other words, I love that wine bottle quilt...any chance you saw the name of the pattern?

  2. That Pineapple Fabrics Warehouse is on my agenda for the next time we visit friends in Greensboro. Our trip south this year was canceled by Covid. Glad you had a good day other than the rain. Hope you had no side effects from your 2nd jab.

  3. Oh, how I would've enjoyed a 'look-see' with you!!!

  4. Hooray for being fully vaccinated, and having a fun destination to go along with it! Looks like you found everything you were looking for!

  5. Now you were in my brother's neck of the woods. He lives in Archdale! Our next visit, I'll have to visit Pineapple Quilts, maybe meet you there! Haha! Looks like a true shopping destination!

  6. How fun for you to go to Pineapple Fabrics! Congratulations on your vaccination! ✔️

  7. Yay for your second shot! Fabric pheromones... LOL. I'm sure you'll be there again!

  8. Congrats on being vaccinated - Yay!!! When I am able to travel, I want to visit our son and family AND Pineapple Fabrics. DS1 lives in Graham. ~Jeanne

  9. Oh, I'm just a bit envious - what fun it would be to cruise through Pineapple Fabrics (I cruise through every now and then online). What a great reward after your Covid shot!

  10. Hmmm, note to self. Check out this warehouse when in NC in May! Ha! Looks like a fun but maybe hard on the pocketbook place!!

  11. Thanks so much or sharing! I just found out about there store the other day. It is now on my list the next time I have an Ikea run to Charlotte, just another hour north for this stop.

  12. So jealous!!!! It is just too far from me for a drive :-( May be when I visit Emily and Rebecca in NC...someday. A girl can dream!


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