Monday, March 22, 2021

Mini Monday - The Happy Dance

Welcome to another edition of Mini Monday!!  I'm here to share a BIG surprise.  It started innocently enough...

I packed a Happy Birthday bag with a quilt top and backing fabric.  Needleb and I had agreed to do a Quilting Swap.  She was feeling left out, since I've quilted almost every B9P from our quilt group's QAL.  She will be quilting my Birthday Quilt (hence the bag choice) and I will be quilting her third Blooming 9-Patch (technically her 2nd, but it will be the 3rd to be finished).


My quilt parts WERE in the bag.  However, that wasn't ALL that was in the bag!  I also included Needleb's birthday present.


She drove away without reaching in the bag.  Which was totally fine with me!  I just wanted to make sure she checked the bag when she got home, so I sent her a text, thinking she might be finished with her shopping:

Me: Make sure you check the bag when you get home.

B: Ooh, were you sneaky? I'm still at the store.

Me: Maybe

Needless to say...

She looked in the bag as soon as she got to the car!

Right after she did, I got the the following text:

Squeeze! You are SUCH a sweetie!!! I'm heading back to your house to deliver a hug AND the ruler I forgot to give you. Be there in 5 min(utes.)

A short while later...

Needleb arrived, got out of the car, and reached in the back to retrieve her new quilt.  As she did, she also did a little happy dance in the middle of the street.  :o))

Here she is with my PQ12.5 quilt which now belongs to her.  The squinchy eyes tells you just how excited she is.  Behind that mask is a HUGE smile:

As B mentioned in her text to me, she had also driven away (on her earlier visit) without giving me the HRT Ruler that I requested from her recent trip to Pineapple Fabrics:

Thanks, B!  I'm looking forward to trying out my new ruler.

Happy (Belated) Birthday, B!!  Enjoy your "Joyful Original".

Not long after Needleb got home, I received the following photo via text with the little quilt proudly displayed on her gallery wire:


Judging by that and the happy dance that I witnessed, I'd say she likes it.  :o))

Until next time...
Give a STITCH!!!


  1. I do, I do! I love it SO much! Thank you for making me such a fabulous Joyful original to treasure, and for being such an awesome friend. Love ya!

  2. Yeah for another fun adventure!

  3. How fun! Love the gallery wire for displaying quilts.

  4. I love her quilt and her gallery wire displaying it and other. Glad you got your roller too! ~Jeanne

  5. Nothing like another quilter to touch our heart! So sweet of you to reach out and delight!

  6. Awesome gift, from quilter to quilter! I love her gallery!!

  7. What a nice surprise BD present to give a friend. I'm anxious to see what you plant to do with the HRT ruler. They seem to suddenly be a thing.

  8. Oh how fun! A surprise is always such a nice way to brighten up someone's day and also your own!

  9. Those squinchy eyes tell the story! What a fun surprise for B :)

  10. Aw, how sweet! I don't think I've ever seen anyone do a happy dance when they received a gift from em. I', going to have to start requiring it. LOL!


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