Wednesday, March 10, 2021

{Sew Some Love on a...} Wonderful Wednesday - Hands2Help - 2021 Edition

Welcome to the H2H 2021 Sew Some Love edition of Wonderful Wednesday!  I'm here to share information concerning this year's Hands2Help Comfort Quilt Challenge.  It's a WONDERFUL opportunity for YOU to sew some love!  This year's quilt tutorial series is String Therapy.  Over the last 6 weeks, Sarah has shared 6 different quilt designs in order to help us make quilts to help others.

This is my 3rd year of joining in Sarah's Challenge.  The annual event has served nearly 3000 people over the past 10 years.  Last year, in the midst of Covid lockdowns, 117 quilters made and donated 526 quilts.  SEW incredible!!

How can I help, Joyful???

Sign-ups will begin THIS WEEKEND on Sunday, March 14th.  YOU will want to sign-up  by Saturday, March 20th to be eligible for the sign-up giveaway!!!  (Prizes will be awarded on Sunday, March 21st.)

Where do these quilts go, Joyful???

Sarah has lined up five primary recipients for this year's Quilt Drive.  If you follow the link provided at the top of the page and scroll down past the stats, you will see a list of the following organizations who will be getting the bulk of the quilts made:

  1.  Covered in Love
  2.  Quilty Hugs for Happy Chemo
  3.  Little Lambs Foundation for Kids
  4.  Victoria's Quilts Canada
  5.  Thank You Front-Line Workers

Each of those organizations have their own list of requirements for the quilts they hope to receive.  You will choose based on the quilt size and style that you prefer to make.  You may also choose an organization that is closer to home (or one that holds a special place in your heart.)

Watch for the following updates here:

4/11 - H2H Progress Check-In Post
4/18 - My Guest Blogger Spot on Sarah's blog
5/9 - H2H Progress Check-In Post
5/23 - Front-Line Workers Link Party
5/30 - H2H Finished Quilt Link-up Post

**Last year I made this quick quilt using one of Sarah's patterns:

I hope that you will consider joining me in this special event.  It's a lot of fun and does SEW much good.  This year, I'm making a quilt from Sarah's 2021 String Therapy series of tutorials.  The final installment was released last Sunday, but I'm working on a quilt from her first tutorial in the series, I Feel Blue:

Sarah's String Therapy tutorials linked below:

I Feel Blue (LINK)
Mindless (LINK)
Hugs and Kisses (LINK)
Find Joy (LINK)
Where's Your Happy Place (LINK)
Unity (LINK)

Dates for this year's challenge on Sarah's blog...

March 14 - 20th - H2H Sign-up Week
March 21st sign-up giveaway day!!
March 28th fun day of tips, tutorials, and recipes.
April 4th meet the sponsors

Guest Bloggers on the following days:
April 11th
April 18th - My Day!!!
April 25th
May 2nd
May 9th
May 16th

Finishers Giveaway:
June 6th

Mail quilts:

I hope YOU will try your hand at making a quilt to help one of these charities (or one closer to home.)

Until next time...
Quilt to GIVE!!!


  1. I'm in! Remind me to sign up =)

  2. So much temptation lurking in those links you posted for string quilt designs! Thanks?!? ;)

  3. I’ll be joining you, Joy! This is also my 3rd year! Glad to help out Sarah in this great cause!

  4. Thanks for helping promote H2H. I was so unmotivated last year that I just couldn't get my act together, but I did participate in the two previous years. I've got to look at my UFOs and see what might meet the requirements.

  5. She does good work!! I look forward to seeing your String Therapy quilt !! I really like the pattern you chose!

  6. String Therapy sounds like the perfect quilt for these days. Joy, thanks for those helpful links and happy stitching.

  7. Great choice on the String Therapy quilt for your project! I look forward to this year's H2H!


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