Sunday, March 7, 2021

{Not so...} Mini Monday - SAHRR - Round 7

Welcome to Round SEVEN of the Stay at Home Round Robin!!  This week's prompt was offered by Gail @ Quilting Gail, the instigator of the Stay At Home Round Robin.  She chose Pinwheels for the final round.

Let's see if I was able to catch back up with the other SAHRR makers...

This is where I left it in its incomplete six-"round" state:

I wanted to finish off Round 6 before I start in on Round 7.  I know WHAT the plan is.  I just need to WORK the plan!

There was a gap to fill in the row shown above.  This is the beginning of that spacer block:

I'm liking the way it looks, but it needs to be bigger:


I attempted to make my (Log Cabin) Tunnel block large enough to fill the remaining space in the row:

Alas, there's still a gap:

What will you fill it with, Joyful???

I auditioned some stars:

I tried adding a touch of whimsy:

I settled on adding the swirly red from the piano key row:

What do YOU think???

Here is "Round" 6 sewn into place:

Before that was done, I did manage to come up with an idea for "Round 7".  I'm planning on going with stripes!  A holdover from the Show Your Stripes Blog Hop, I guess.  :o))

Here's where I went with that idea...

First, I thought about making strata, but didn't.

Next, I thought about making half gold and half red Pinwheels, but the gold fabric was hiding beneath a stack of red and blue scraps.

You can see where this is going, can't you???

I decided to make red and blue HSTs:

As you probably already knew...

That was a BAD idea!!  :o((

I'm sorry to say the completed Round 7 is nowhere in sight.  I just don't have it in me to fix this tonight.  I'm joining the Link Party with this update, in spite of my failure to catch back up with the other SAHRR participants.

There's still hope for the completed quilt, but I used all of my creative energy for this weekend making my Project QUILTING entry.

In appreciation...

Special thanks to Gail @ Quilting Gail and friends...

... For creating this fun internet event!!  I started with an Orphan block and really enjoyed building a quilt around a UFO in a totally different way than I might normally work!  Look for one final update once the quilt has been completed.

In case YOU would like to give this method of construction a try, here are all the links for the Stay At Home Round Robin:

Until next time...
Sew aROUND!!


  1. Wonderful progress! I am sure you will come up with the fix before long.

  2. You are pulling it all together! Looking good despite the little setback!

  3. I really like how how you transformed your orphan block with the rounds. I totally understand using all your creative energy on another project. You have time for the last round!

  4. How fun. I love seeing your progress on this top. such sweet log cabin tunnel blocks. Happy quilting

  5. Thank you for posting your thought process! Now I don't feel so badly about not completing the rounds. I ended up taking off a couple of rounds, and I need to post about it. We still have time before the parade!

  6. It's been fun following this challenge and seeing the different ways each participant approached the rounds. But I'm very glad I didn't join in as this would probably have become yet another UFO and I certainly don't need more of those. Looking forward to the final round up of projects.

  7. I love the swirly red you used to fill that space in your round 6 row! Keep playing with those pinwheels - you'll figure it out. I'm not finished with that step either - still making pinwheels!

  8. Hi Joy! I like your rows instead of rounds! It's looking great!
    I hope you get the top done by the end of March so that you can participate in the SAHRR parade! :-)

  9. I am positive you will come up with something extraordinary, Joy! Keep milling those ideas in your brain. It'll come!


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