Monday, March 15, 2021

Mini Monday - #IGQuiltFest2021 - Day 14

Recent Finish

Welcome to a (regular old) Mini Monday!!  It's been quite some time since the last edition.  Amy @ Amy's Creative Side is hosting the 2021 Quilt Fest on Instagram to celebrate National (International?) Quilting Month.  I'm participating.  Yesterday's prompt was Recent Finish, but I've already shared all of my recent finishes!  (Insert pout face here.)

What are you going to do, Joyful???

Well, about that time, I remembered that I had started a new GREEN scrappy quilt-thing the other day.  See it on the right in the photo below:

A few additions were made, but I was in too big of a hurry to get a photo before layering this up for quilting:

Speaking of the quilting...

Right about now, I'm pretty pleased with myself and my plan for spiral quilting on this little gem:

It started off well enough (on what may be my first spiral quilting ever):

Anyone notice anything wrong in the photo below???

Reasons you should check your bobbin BEFORE beginning to quilt... I had gotten three-quarters around the circle when I realized that I was sewing WITHOUT any bobbin thread:

It's looking good from the back of the quilt:

Looks good on the front, too:

With the corners quilted out, it was time to start spiraling into the center:

That didn't go QUITE as well as I had hoped, but the optimist in  me decided that the center of the spiral (somewhat) resembles a flower:

Done and bound.  It fits perfectly... In a square peg/round hole sort of way:

I really had hoped to make a round topper for this table.  Lucky for me, there are PLENTY more months remaining in the year for that!

Here is my March 2021 TABLE SCRAPS Challenge entry doing what it was meant to do.  This mug rug was made to protect my handmade table in the foyer:

The daffodils are in full bloom, so I thought I'd get a garden photo:

This is a close-up on DS2's new car, purchased over the weekend:

Since I know that some people like to see the back of a quilt, you get to see a piece of fabric that came in my last scrap infusion from Ella:

One more close-up, as I was typing up this post, for a better look at the lovely GREEN scraps that were included:

Thank you to Ella, Helena, Maggie and others, who provided scraps for the making of this project!!  It's GREEN for March's Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  LOVE it!!!

Whooping it Up with Sarah


Sharing with Cynthia
Oh Scrap! (on Sunday)

Until next time...
SCRAP happy!!!


  1. Little scrappy things are so much fun to make! Your green tabletopper is perfect for March, Joy. Love that backing fabric, too!

  2. Green scraps ...perfect for March! The backing is lovely too.

  3. What a happy green topper! I like the photo of it with the daffodils!

  4. Fast and fabulous finish!!! You need a spinach and green apple smoothie to go with it :-)

  5. Well that was delightful. Thank you for taking us along as you quilted this beauty. I just love this little topper.

  6. Sweet green table topper. Missed the picture of the new car though. Was it a joke I missed? Lol!

  7. Your table topper is beautiful - I love that backing. Nice job on the spiral quilting!

  8. If not for the little label sticking out, this could be a reversible table topper. That backing fabric deserves to shine on its own.

  9. Love your little quilt and the spiral quilting! I wonder how many times I've run out of bobbin thread without realizing it.... then again, I don't want to become depressed :)

  10. If only someone could invent a bobbin that never ran out of thread. It would probably have to involve pixies and magic, though...

  11. Congrats on your springy green finish! Perfect for today. Happy St. Patty's

  12. I like the spiral quilting. Congrats....

  13. The spiral quilting looks great with the square topper. The colors make it perfect for spring.

  14. Pretty green mug rug, perfect for March challenge, and I like the spiral quilting.

  15. Great use of tiny scraps. Thanks for sharing with oh Scrap!


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