Friday, March 19, 2021

Design Floor Friday - Making Faces

Welcome to another edition of Design Floor Friday!!  I'm here to share the (Virtual) Faces Workshop that I enjoyed last weekend with my Quilt Bee friends.  What fun we all had!  My beemates posed for the following photo without any prompting from me:

Dee Dee had made this quilt and everyone decided that they would like for her to lead us through the process.  She agreed to do so, with the assistance of a friend from one of her other quilt groups.  (Some of you might recognize Karen W. from my photos of my Evening Quilt Bee.  (Thanks for joining us for the day, Karen!)

Thank you for sharing your process, inspired by Freddy Moran, with us, Dee Dee!  This is the fabulous Faces quilt that she made to represent herself:

As she made that quilt, Karen made one in paper:

Followed by this one made in fabric during the workshop:

Prior to the class, students were supposed to prepare their background and gather fabrics that represent themselves.  Some did.  Some didn't.

Which camp were you in, Joyful???

Well, I was just coming off of Challenge 5 for Project QUILTING and didn't have enough mental bandwidth to search for novelty prints depicting things that I love.  As stated above, our workshop leader had assigned homework (and I blew mine off.)


I decided that I might like to use this HUGE bag of floral scraps to form the features of my Face:

As the workshop began, I pulled fabric for a pieced background:

Once that was assembled, I located a pale peach fabric that worked for my skin tone:

At this point, it was time to begin "decorating" the Face.  That's when I spotted (Thank you, Ruth S!) a small stack of scrap fabrics from one of the other students.  My excitement level rose upon it's reveal and I knew that I had found my muse:

Let the building begin...

First, I looked at my own ears to get a sense of the shape to cut:

Next, I isolated a leaf on the fabric that might make good ears:

Those were followed by earrings:

Looking at the fabric, I noticed a spot that reminded me of sparkling eyes...

... And added a pair in line with the top of the ears:

Another selfie...

Helped me decide which of the eyebrow samples most resembled mine:

When I set them in place I began laughing uncontrollably and everyone wanted to see what was so funny...

As you can see, the scale of the sample brows was a BIT too big for my face:

While I "plucked" the eyebrows...

... I found that additional shaping, along with some "whites of the eyes", might be necessary:

The first nose that I tried was deemed too small:

The three I auditioned can be seen in the photo below.  Further exploration may be necessary, but I moved on and added some hair.  She also wanted to go shopping and try on some new clothes:

The following selfie...

... Helped me figure out what I wanted to do for the mouth:

"Teeth" are a planned addition, but she was more interested in trying on some new glasses (to mixed reviews from the group.)  The more I look back at this photo, the more I like the pair she chose:

Needleb and I chatted for a bit after everyone else had left for the day:

Even though I wanted to work on my Faces quilt after dinner, my body was tired and refused to climb the stairs to the studio.  While I had hoped to make additional progress during the week, other projects kept me busy.  Stay tuned for further updates.

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Until next time...
SEW much fun!!!


  1. I absolutely love "your face" so far!! I can't believe I said that because I'm not usually so "forward"! Hahaha! For being so brain-dead, you did a fabulous job getting as far along as you did. Let's get that one finished soon!

  2. That looks like a fun project, Joy! Definitely requires lots of thinking, trying, planning... I can see where you'd have to be in just the right frame of mind to keep working on it. Sometimes you (and I!) just want to sew a few scraps together!

  3. I think you won me over to being pro glasses. You did such a great job creating the frames. So many cute details to love! It was a tiring day, but so worth it.

  4. Well, I like your face so far. The eyebrows look too dark but it'll do I guess. Looking forward to the end result. Enjoy the process. ;^)

  5. She is as cute as you are and the eyeglasses are perfect!! What a fun project. I can’t wait to see your finished “you” (with teeth, LOL).

  6. Cute face project! I like that fabric you used to make pieces of the face especially the eyes!

  7. Just too funny. Not sure I could have so much fun.

  8. I have watched online classes for making the Freddie Moran style faces. I have yet to do it. I need to add it to my "hurry up and do this" list.

  9. I snort-laughed when I got to your eyebrows!! Too funny! I'm glad you got a chance to try this fun technique with your friends and share it with us :)

  10. That looked like it was so much fun. Your face is coming along great. Have you thought more about the nose? Maybe it's too small? Or needs to be a bit lighter? Who knows but the whole process sounds fun!

  11. THIS IS SO AWESOME!! what a great medium for your art!!!

  12. Oh, my--what a fun idea but a bit outside the box for my skills! I love what you've done!


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