Monday, January 25, 2021

(Not so) Mini Monday - SAHRR - Round 1

Welcome to (Not so) Mini Monday!!  I signed up for the Stay At Home Round Robin (SAHRR) last week. It turned out to be a rather busy week for me.  Alas, that means...

... I'm lagging one round behind the other participants.  :o((

I started off with this (partial) block:

Is it 21.5 wide x 7" tall or 7" wide by 21.5" tall, Joyful???

I haven't decided yet, but I did pull a coordinating scrap bag...

... In order to do a quick mock-up of piano keys.  That was BEFORE burning my finger while cooking dinner tonight:

Nothing more was accomplished, as burn cream and fabric don't mix very well.  I'm hoping to catch up in the next few days.  Feel free to add suggestions for me in the comments below. Something feels a bit "off", but I haven't been able to figure out what might help.

Just so you know, completing the star is NOT an option.

Until next time...
Stay home and SEW!!!


  1. The light blue stars and stripes doesn't speak the same language to me. That is, I feel it's too casual for the formality of the star. But I know you will do something spectacular in the end.

  2. I love your star and so sorry about burning your finger. Nothing worse than a cut or burn on a finger.

  3. I like the red, white, blue, and gold combination! I know your beginning block is part of a star, but it makes me think of a cat peeking over the top of something, like a chair or table. Not sure that has anything to do with where you're going with this project, but I liked that visual! :)

  4. Are you open to half a star? If not, what about bleeding the colors down in the piano keys - reds against the red, gold against the gold, and bring more colors in under the star points?

  5. There is nothing like a burn for pain!!! Hope it was better today!
    At least you've started to work on this project!

  6. Oh no! Em burned her thumb on Saturday. Hope it is better.... burns are not fun.
    Hmmm. Since the star is not completed..... how about a half of the piano key. It could be a 'half done' quilt?

  7. Ok, read the comments and now that star looks like a cat or dog's ears peeking over the keys!

  8. Thanks for hosting this challenge! I am having a lot of fun with it! I love all the gorgeous table toppers that you all have made, and love the colors! Thanks again, can't wait to share next month's project!


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