Monday, January 4, 2021

Fall 2020 (Ravelry) UFO Club - The Results


The FALL 2020 UFO Club is now CLOSED!! Participants MUST have listed (at least) FIVE projects. Photos should have accompanied the list. Sign-ups ended at midnight EDT on October 7, 2020.

NOTE: All qualifying finishes must have been posted BEFORE midnight EST on December 31, 2020!!!

Membership (28):

SEND (3):
katyknitsnyc: 5 completed project
siberspinner: 1 completed project

NO SEND (25):
basketcase9702: 2 completed project
peregrineknit: 2 completed projects
amalberti: 4 completed projects
gathersnomoss: 10 completed projects
sheepless: 1 completed project
djaquilter: 5 completed projects
mehitabel: 8 completed projects
fairfaxknitter: 1 completed project
dzirin: 1 completed project
mairG: 2 completed project
graylagran: 1 completed project
robobeagle: 3 completed projects
Peerpressure: 1 completed project

Session Totals:  15 quilters have completed 47 projects.

Thank you to all of our participants.  Without you, I would be slogging through my UFOs alone!  Thank you to those of you who served as cheerleaders for the group.  We appreciated your encouragement along the way. Congratulations to our 15 finishers, including Gathersnomoss, who was our Rock Star AND Queen of the Last Minute for this quarter! If YOU were not among the finishers, I hope that progress was made during the last 3 months.

I contributed the following finishes to our totals...

My Cat Nap quilt from Hunter Design Studio (Carpe Nap) was completed early in the quarter:

I finished it during the Quilt Retreat (that I still haven't posted about):

My Blooming 9-Patch was completed only days before the quarter came to an end.  This is a full photo before binding:

Here is the picture proof that it is done and bound:

Got UFOs???

Several of my real life and virtual friends have signed up for the Club.  Won't YOU join us, too?

Please Note...

There's still time, if you would like to join in the finishing fun for the Winter 2021 (Ravelry) UFO Club!!  For more information, click on THIS LINK. Sign-ups are OPEN through Thursday, January 7th and qualifying finishes must be posted by Midnight (EST) on March 31, 2021.  We'd SEW love to have YOU join us!

Until next time...

Happy Finishing!!


  1. Your blooming 9 patch quilt is just GORGEOUS !! I love browns.

  2. Good reminder to get sewing for the new year!

  3. Would you believe I have 29 things on my UFO list..... got all the photo's uploaded. Now the big decision on what to work on first! One top by machine (a little one from the bottom of the drawer) and one for hand stitching by hoop. Or maybe a quick finish of the #29 row by row I just added!

  4. I had so many finishes, but none from my list. Oh well. Here's hoping my finishes next session are ALL on my ufo list!

  5. The Blooming 9-patch is such a gorgeous and spectacular finish!!! I am in awe!!! I like brown in small doses but your quilt is an exception. You should be so proud and so happy!!!

  6. I love the Carpe Nap quilt! Sew cute!


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