Monday, January 18, 2021

Mini Monday - SAHRR - Center Block

Welcome to the latest edition of Mini Monday!  I'm here to reveal my center block for the SAHRR.

What's THAT, Joyful?!?!

SAHRR is the Stay At Home Round Robin hosted by Gail @ Quilting Gail blog.  My center is a (partial) Feathered Star block left over from a 2016 class with Nancy Mahoney.  (If you EVER get a chance to take a class with her, don't pass up the opportunity.  She is DEFINITELY on my 5 BEST quilt teachers list!!)

It's not quite SEW mini as you might expect from me (AND I'm late to the party), but here you have it:

I debated and debated with myself about participating and chose two other potential center blocks, but finally caved when I remembered that block waiting in my Project Center.  It must be sad sitting on the shelf for this long.  I had always planned on finishing it.  Hasn't happened yet!

I'm going to try to complete it in a new way with this quilt along.  My SAHRR may not progress the same as others might.  The quilt will tell me how to proceed.  Pacing will be the challenge, as it was always the reason I never participated in the making of a "real" Round Robin quilt.

Week 2 instructions went live today with Chris @ Chrisknits.  Head over to see what she wants us to add to our center blocks.  I will say this... She gave us permission to use the rounds as we see fit!  I intend to do just that.  :o))

Until next time...
QUILT a Round (robin)!!!


  1. Well, darn it all! Did you know I usually get into trouble when I visit your blog right? Sigh.... I might just have to join in. I found a castle block while picking up the sewing area... it might make a fun center block..... now to go add round 1! (Thanks... I was at a loss of what to do for the next hour!)

  2. I'm tackling my center, too, a bit late but determined! I love a feathered star--that will be a great center!

  3. Sew, that is a fancy center block! It takes time. When I proceed with my projects as it speaks to me, they turn out the best!

  4. Can't wait to see your round robin. I checked out the links and the designers giving instructions are going to make it so awesome!

  5. Beautiful! I adore a feathered star medallion quilt. A friend chose that as a center RR block a few years back. Her quilt was gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing yours ... :) Pat


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