Friday, January 22, 2021

Design Floor Friday - January TABLE SCRAPS Challenge - Progress

Welcome to another edition of Design Floor Friday!!  Last week, I shared a teaser of my January TABLE SCRAPS Challenge project in THIS POST.  It's PINK, the Color of the Month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  Before concentrating on any of my block sets, it seemed wise to make some headway on my table runner.

This week, the saga continues...

... With some added topstitching:

Then, the time arrived for trimming up the runner:

My next step will be to decide on the binding fabric from the available choices in the "right" shade of PINK:

I was feeling indecisive, so I'm saving that task for another day, as there's still ONE WEEK remaining before projects can be added to our first Link Party.

You KNOW what that means, don't you???

There is still time for YOU to join the 2021 TABLE SCRAPS Challenge!  Follow THIS LINK for details and come back next week for the party.  I am SEW excited that so many quilters are interested in this event and I am looking forward to seeing what you all have created for the link up.

Sharing with Alycia 


Whooping it up with Sarah

Until next time...
It's a (table) Cover Up!!!


  1. You revealed only teases this time! lol Very pretty.

  2. You keep hinting! Your project is looking good - I love scrappy strips!

  3. Guess if I'm going to join in, I'd better get started. I do now have an idea, thanks to another blogger's post. All I have to do is find the fabric I have in mind.

  4. Go ahead and tease all you want!
    I've got my table runner as far as a top, though 'runner' is a little optimistic. It's more of a table crawler...)

  5. The *saga* .... I feel a great story coming on here!

  6. I can see lots of pretty pink...looking forward to seeing the end result.


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