Saturday, January 9, 2021

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC21 - Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 of the 2021 Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  If you have visited before, you know that I stay fairly busy.  This first quarter of the year is even busier!  It's Project QUILTING season and that means there's a new challenge every other week until March.  And that, friends, equates to MORE chaos than normal.

Let's see what quilty things got accomplished this week...

SUNDAY - First off, I want to report that a good time was had by all at yesterday's (Virtual) Quilt Retreat.  I even sewed a couple of PINK Quilted Basket off-cuts into pin cushions for January's Rainbow Scrap Challenge Color of the Month during the course of the day.  As they were right on top of all of the other scrappy bits, it made sense to just sew them up:

I started the week with a new Sew Some Love Sunday post and Carol stopped by to pick up her quilt and drop off another:

Kat @ Kat and Cat Quilts posted her new Covered in Love Jan/Feb 2021 Block Drive.  String blocks with a twist.  These blocks are to be pieced directly onto Warm and Natural batting.

I had SEW much paperwork to catch up on, along with the need to tackle Mt. Washmore!  I did, however, make some time to do a little bit of sewing for Project QUILTING, Challenge 12.1, released today:

MONDAY - Today was all about catching up on blog comments, with a side of PINK sewing.  Well... stuffing:

I also released Fall 2020 (Ravelry) UFO Club - The Results to let you know how members fared last quarter.  You will find my most recent UFO finished there.

TUESDAY - I spent a fair amount of time writing today.  Getting ahead on some future post makes me happy.  Now, for the most part, all I'll have to do is drop in some photos and hit publish.  :o))

On the blog, my Winter 2021 (Ravelry) UFO Club - The List went live today.  It details the projects in line for finishing during the first quarter of the year.  If you have UFOs and want to join a future session, leave a comment and I will add you to my "call back" list.

This afternoon, I finished up my sweet little PINK pin cushion.  Here is the front...

... And this is a view of the anchors on the back:

WEDNESDAY - Drum roll, please!!!  The winner of my 2021 Stitching Resolution Giveaway is...


(While chaos was going on in Washington, DC)  This afternoon, I was able to enjoy my weekly Zoom call with LeeAnna @ Not Afraid of Color:

Tonight, my lighting tech tested out some new fixtures for the studio:


... And after:

What a difference!!  I'm SEW looking forward to the installation.

THURSDAY - ZoomBEE met this morning:

Sign-ups for the Winter 2021 (Ravelry) UFO Club ended at midnight (EST) tonight.  When I went to bed, there were 27 quilters signed up.

FRIDAY - ZoomKNIT friends had a BIG surprise when the long lost knitter arrived:

I actually KNIT this morning!!  It's been a while, but (after several false starts) I managed to get my new sock cast on during the meeting:

I spent a portion of this afternoon working on this challenge project.  Details to follow:

SATURDAY - It's LINK PARTY day over on Angela @ So Scrappy's blog!  I'm headed over to celebrate all things PINK and scrappy.  The other RSC Quilters will be joining in the fun.  :o))

Oh!  My second PINK project of the week was stitching up this...

...  Pin cushion.  Here's the front...

... And the pretty PINK spotty, dotty, backing:

Until next time...
Be SEW scrappy!!!


  1. You definitely do stay (fairly) busy. I like your little pink pincushions, a reminder for me to dig into my pink scraps this month.

  2. So many things happening! Love the cute pink cushions.

  3. I need to start making some fabric baskets to hold my scraps and fat quarters. Not sure I'll have time for a while (too many projects with due dates).

  4. You have an awesome lighting tech! It is noticeably different. The little pink pin cushions are cute. LOVE the color of your new socks. Glad to see those knitting needles come out because I know something really cool is going to happen again.

  5. A busy week! Great little pincushions, always useful. xx

  6. Great pincushions. The dotted fabric is lots of fun.

  7. Very cute pincushions, I love the anchor fabric, and this dotted one is so so pretty!

  8. Wow, you certainly do keep busy, I'm exhausted just reading what you've been up too, LOL. Cute pink pin cushions btw.

  9. Pink scraps galore! I’m a fan of rectangular pin cushions, but most of mine are square. I think I see a project in my future!

  10. Adorable pink pincushions, Joy! Fun idea to use up bits from your scrap basket that way. And now you've made me want to go make a pink pincushion... I'm so easily influenced. 🤣

  11. looking forward to your gray and yellow finish, happy Sat

  12. Another busy week for you, interspersed with some pink stitching and a little knitting.

  13. Cute pink pincushions, what a busy week.

  14. Busy as always at your place - pretty pink pincushion.

  15. I hope to get some revamping of the lighting in my studio this year! What a difference!

  16. Nice way to use up some small scraps! Congratulations on starting some new knitted socks!

  17. Sounds like you've gotten off to a good start with 2021. Very pretty pin cushions. Lots of pretty pink showing up on the blog. Good luck with the Winter 2021 UFO club, hope you get lots done.

  18. Good for you getting so much work done!

  19. Virtual quilt fun! I've had 4 retreats cancelled due to Covid. Two have been rescheduled for the end of April, but it's looking like those are also not going to happen.


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