Sunday, February 21, 2021

{Not so...} Mini Monday - SAHRR - Round 5


Welcome to Round FIVE of the Stay at Home Round Robin!!  This week's prompt was offered by Wendy @ Pieceful Thoughts of My Quilting Life.  Her selection??  Wonky Stars.  I'm a fan of those, but I'm not sure how to make them fit in my slowly expanding quilt.

But first...

Let's see if I was able to stay caught up with the other SAHRR makers.

I actually did make some progress...

On Round 5.  I made ONE Wonky Star:

And then another:

That one was followed by its twin:

One more block rounded out the row:

How will you arrange those Wonky Stars, Joyful???

I'm glad you asked!  Needleb had an interesting suggestion.  Half stars like the Feathered Star.  (I actually had a dream about it that night and drew out a crown-like Wonky Star the next morning!)  My friend Maggie suggested the partial stars could be dancing in different directions.  I tried an on-point setting with full blocks, but that didn't feel right and also auditioned the half blocks that my friends suggested.  In the end,  this is what worked best:

I wasn't sure if it would happen, but...

I stayed caught up on my Stay at Home Round Robin (so I released this post a little early, again so I wouldn't miss the Link Party @ Wendy's blog!)  Here it is in its current completed five-"round" state:

Just in time to check out the Round 6 prompt from Susan @ Quilt Fabrication.

Until next time...
QUILT a round!!


  1. Very neat!!! I love how you are doing rows instead of rounds! Very creative!
    Looking forward to next week's addition!

  2. Your wonky stars look great! I'm really liking how this quilt is progressing!

  3. I’m really liking how your SAHRR quilt is coming together. I wasn’t certain how you were going to work with your 1/2 feathered star but you are making it work! Love your creativity!

  4. Your wonky stars look great, Joy! I like the way you're adding rows instead of borders all the way around - it's a neat look.

  5. I'm liking how you have turned the Round Robin in to a Row Robin!

  6. Love how you're turning your SAHRR into a row quilt. I definitely wouldn't have thought of that. Good thinking and great fun watching it evolve!

  7. Oh it is turning out so cool!!... you have a great imagination!

  8. Your interpretation of all the prompts is really coming together. I just realize that rather than a medallion quilt, you've used the prompts to make a row by row quilt. It has been such fun to see how each individual has developed their version. I'm looking forward to seeing the parade of all the final projects.


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