Saturday, February 13, 2021

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC21 - Week 7

Welcome to Week 7 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  This is the second week of working with Angela's prescribed YELLOW fabric scraps.  I'm not sure how much RSC sewing I will be doing.

Let's see how that went...

SUNDAY - I started my day with a visit from Carol, who came to pick up her quilt, so that she would have some hand sewing to do during tonight's Super Bowl game.  Please note that I was dressed in February's RSC Color of the Month from my head...

... All the way down to my toes:

My mid-day Project QUILTING post revealed the Virtual Vacation that I went on last week.  A late night Sew Some Love post was also released.  In between those two, not much sewing took place.

Yesterday's (Virtual) Quilt Retreat left me with a LOT of loose ends to be tied up today.  Blog posts and emails ate away the rest of my day and the full day of sewing zapped my energy!

MONDAY - Tackling Mount Washmore was on today's agenda.  Other than that, there was a whole lot of typing going on.

TUESDAY - I had a lunchtime meet-up with Needleb and Maggie.  We're answering the call for a different kind of donation quilt for a friend of Janis @ Canyon Rim Quilting.  I think I told you about it last week, but this week, (thanks to Maggie) we are putting opportunity into action:


I was pleased to use up a number of partial bobbins on this quilt.  In the photo below, I'm pointing to the place where the LAST partial bobbin ran out!!  Yes.  That WAS the final corner to be stitched:

WEDNESDAY - This afternoon was my Zoom call with LeeAnna:

Afterwards, I prepped the next quilt for loading:

THURSDAY - This morning's ZoomBEE meeting attendees:

While visiting friends out in Blogland, I found that quilting great, Roberta Horton had passed away.  In celebration of her life, The Quilt Show released her Legends episode:

As I watched, I did some stitching on the binding of my niece's wedding quilt:

Just before dinner, I finished up last night's quilt.  Here's a glimpse of my blooper.  I missed one of the starter blocks and had to roll back to add it in.  Fortunately, that's a mistake that doesn't show on the completed quilt, as I was able to match the lines up perfectly:

FRIDAY - ZoomKNIT was enjoyed by these six knitting friends:

After lunch I had an unexpected errand to run.  Ella had scraps for me, along with a quilt to finish for her:

SATURDAY - Today's LINK PARTY for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is a celebration of sunshine YELLOW projects.  I'm headed over to Angela's So Scrappy blog to see what the RSC Quilters have made this week.

The only YELLOW sewing that I managed was making a backing for this little table topper which I'm hoping will serve as my TABLE SCRAPS Challenge entry for this month:

Got table coverings???

Join the Link Party here on The Joyful Quilter the LAST weekend of the month.  Sign-ups no longer required!  Simply make a runner, topper, placemat, or mug rug and link-up with the other Challenge participants.  (Kindly copy the link to the party and paste it into the project post on your blog.)  No blog?  I can help.  Leave a comment, including your email address, for more information.

Until next time...


  1. As always, you've been busy on some fun quilts. Thank you for the link to the Roberta Horton video.

  2. My favorite thing here is your yellow boots! Wonderful!! :)

  3. I started thinking about my table scraps challenge in yellow. I think I have a plan. Looks like the quilt on your longarm has some yellow in it. LOVE your yellow boots--they fit your sunny personality.

    Sometimes when I miss one of the template stitches I don't re-roll it and I mark it out and sew it on my domestic machine--depending on if it's a small quilt or not. I miss them once in a while too.

  4. Wow! That's a yellow mask. I bet it brings a smile to everyone you see. Congratulations on the finishes especially your Tablescrap.

  5. Every week I am impressed with the amount of things you did, Joy, you are a busy girl! Your schedule is full of activities that make you happy.

  6. You always get so much done each week! Happy stitching this weekend. Stay warm, it's supposed to be a cold the next couple of days pretty much everywhere.

  7. A busy, busy week. How do you make use of your batting scraps? Do you join them together? I use a lot of scraps on pillow tops, mug rugs, and table runners. And occasionally I join pieces with a big zigzag stitch for something I know won't be washed frequently like a wall hanging.

  8. Another busy week for you! You get so much done during the week! 👏🏻

  9. Look at those boots! They are cool! Congratulations on getting to the binding on the wedding quilt - that's always a good feeling.

  10. As usual, you’ve been a busy lady! I love all your adventures! xo

  11. I’m loving your boots too! And your matching mask! Yesterday we ventured out to pick up a prescription, pick up groceries, mail Covered in Love blocks and grap take out lunch! It’s -21F as I type this morning. Have a great week!

  12. Surprise! I've got my February Table Scraps done (well I should do some more FMQ on it to practice new motifs), but it's done enough to use. A small one for a little round table. Other than that, no yellow scraps have been sewn, but another baby quilt top is done and the back pieced.

  13. Busy, busy. I have plans to quilt my runner today.... after horses. It might be a multiple month with leftover blocks as a starting point! Hope you get a little yellow stitching in today.

  14. Looks like a great week for accomplishing quilt goals. I am enjoying my table runner on the table now!

  15. Good thing you have those super spiffy boots to cheer you up after losing so closely at Bobbin Chicken! :)

  16. I'm impressed that you were dressed head to toe in yellow but even more impressed with how much you accomplish in a week!

  17. You have the MOST active weeks!!! I am impressed!


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