Saturday, February 20, 2021

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC21 - Week 8

Welcome to Week 8 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  This week...  I was a slacker.  Well, for the first part of the week, anyway!  The last part of the week, I brought several projects closer to completion.

Walk with me through the last seven days...

SUNDAY - Happy Valentine's Day!!  My love left at noon and didn't return until 9PM.  His mother's power was out because of an ice storm.  He needed to go check on the generator (and fix all the things that blew out during power surges.)  I enjoyed this Valentine from Linda @ Art in Search

Did you see today's Sew Some Love post??  Here's the LINK!!

MONDAY - I released a new edition of Mini Monday.  If you missed it, go take a look at what became of this:

(Virtual) Quilt Bee met tonight.  Our speaker was Nina Clotfelter from Mobile, Alabama and it was colder there than it was here in North Carolina.  Nina enlightened us the her lecture Thread - What's the Big Deal? while sharing slides of a number of her quilts:

I'm the new Challenge Coordinator for the Guild.  As such, during the business portion of the meeting, I announced the 2021 Guild Challenge which had also been posted in our newsletter.  A number of members were excited by the Happiness is a Rainbow theme.  (You KNOW that I love my rainbows!!)  I asked the participants to create a quilt to represent something that makes them happy or represents happiness to them.  They must use a Modern Rainbow color scheme (bright pink, yellow, green, and purple) in a piece that is NO LARGER than 24" on any side.  It MUST include at least a 1" square of each color on the FRONT of the quilt.

Imagine my surprise to find that one member was SEW excited by my challenge prompt that her quilt top was DONE!!  Not only that, so was the quilting and the binding had been attached.  She was working on stitching down the binding during the meeting.  Thanks, Mary Glenn!!  I appreciate your enthusiasm.

TUESDAY - Today, was a busy day!  It started with a texted conversation with Knittinsuek and continued with a phone call because it was too much to type.  While we were talking, LeeAnna emailed (then called since I didn't see the email) to see if I wanted to meet early, as she has a conflict for tomorrow.  Of course, I said yes and enjoyed our Zoom call.  Here we are.  That's me on the right and LeeAnna, who was feeling camera shy today, is on the left:

While we were talking, I got a text from my friend Hilary, who I called when LeeAnna and I were done with our meeting.  Hilary and I haven't spoken in quite some time.  Needless to say, we had a marathon conversation and (for all intents and purposes) I was on the phone ALL. DAY. LONG!!

At some point during the day, I released a new Tidy Up Tuesday post.  Don't miss it!  Lots of cool stuff to see.  :o))

WEDNESDAY - With no Zoom meeting, I spent some time loading these scraps from Selina @ Selina Quilts into my scrap system:

I also released a new edition of Wonderful Wednesday.  It's another Guest Blogger post, so you won't want to miss is!  Miss Pat shared her February 2021 TABLE SCRAPS Challenge entry.  The Link Party is coming up next week.  Are YOU ready???

THURSDAY - ZoomBEE met this morning.  These 10 quilting friends were online when I logged in:

Later, a couple more friends arrived, but I neglected to get a new group photo before some of our members left the meeting:

After the meeting, I worked on some secret sewing.  I'll share it next week during my STOP on the Show Your Stripes Blog Hop.  Come back by next Wednesday to see what I made with this fun stripe-y scrap from Selina:

FRIDAY - This morning, these seven knitting friends gathered for our weekly ZoomKNIT meeting:

I worked on binding my niece's wedding quilt:

This afternoon, I worked on some secret sewing.  You'll see today's project on Sunday.

SATURDAY - Can you believe it's LINK PARTY day already?!  I'm looking forward to visiting the RSC Quilter links on Angela's So Scrappy blog.  YELLOW projects are sure to abound!

Until next time...


  1. We're so lucky to have our great hobby to keep us occupied and gathered with friends, even if it is virtually. I've been working on stripes too, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you made. My day is on Monday, and my blog post is in the make.

  2. Love the binding on your secret sewing. The card from Linda is gorgeous! You are the perfect pick to be the challenge coordinator for your guild. Woohoo! Lots of fun happening in your neck of the woods as usual.

  3. Congratulations on being picked as challenge coordinator! Sounds like everyone is excited about it. :) Glad you can "Zoom" with all your quilty friends.

  4. Another busy, but productive week. Have a great weekend, filled with lots of stitching time.

  5. Sounds like a busy week! Glad you still found plenty of time to stitch.

  6. You are never a slacker, Joy! Looking forward to the Stripes blog hop!

  7. No one can accuse you of slacking!!!! Sounds like you touched a lot of lives this week!

  8. Whoosh! There you go **again**!! And here's me feeling proud for just putting on pants this morning...


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