Sunday, February 14, 2021

Sew Some Love Sunday - Packages from Nann, Libby, and FedEx (T#15)

Welcome!!  How long can a package sit in quarantine?  I'm embarrassed to say.  Sorry, Nann!  I knew that batting was enclosed and wasn't ready to use it yet, so left it boxed up:

That batting has been passed along to NeedleB for filling her next LWR quilt.  I was surprised to find that 17+ yards of fabric was also included in the box:

Thank you SEW much, Nann!!  What fun the quilters will have with these beautiful brown fabrics.  Quilt tops or backs, we'll soon see!  :o))

Next up...

I received another package a few weeks ago.  This one was from Libby and I thought you might like to see what was inside. Two quilt tops, one quilt back, and fabric for binding. Thank you SEW much, Libby!

I later discovered that one is for LWR:

But, the second one was for me:

The first quilt top has since gone to be enhanced.  Here is Maggie, who came to take the one away to be stretched and tugged into :

In other exciting news...

Look what the FedEx truck dropped off this week:

Thank you, to the following donors to the Batting Fund:

Alycia @ Alycia Quilts

Along with the following local contributors:
Ruth S. and Sue

Your contributions are SEW appreciated!  More fluffy quilts are in the works because of you.  Thanks, again!

Special thanks...

Without Knittingsuek, I probably would have had to resort to going to the store for batting to fill our Lutheran World Relief quilts.  Thank you SEW much for placing the order for me, Sue!

Until next time...
SEW some love!!!


  1. What great results to share from this week!

  2. What wonderful deliveries you received this week!

  3. Nice packages. The kind I really like.

  4. I wish I could buy a nice big roll of batting like that! I know you'll make many gorgeous quilts with it :)


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