Sunday, February 28, 2021

{Not so...} Mini Monday - SAHRR - Round 6


Welcome to Round SIX of the Stay at Home Round Robin!!  This week's prompt was offered by Susan @ Quilt Fabrication.  Her choice??  Log Cabins.  I'm NOT a fan of making those, so I'm not sure how I will wade through this week.

Let's see if I was able to stay caught up with the other SAHRR makers...

I actually did make some progress on Round 6 by starting three Log Cabin blocks to add to my slowly growing quilt:

I added layer upon layer...

... Until they each got as big as I thought they needed to be:

Then, I started playing with the layout:

Until I landed on this one:

Which is where I left it for this week...

Because I just couldn't decide where I wanted to go from there.  I had hoped to remain caught up on my Stay at Home Round Robin (I still released this post a little early, again so I wouldn't miss the Link Party @ Susan's blog!)  Here it is in its current incomplete six-"round" state:

Just in time to check out the Round 7 prompt from Gail @ Quilting Gail.

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Until next time...
SEW to grow a quilt!!


  1. I think yours is my favorite of all the SAHRR's. Between the colors and the teensy houses, it just makes me smile! :)

  2. I am so glad I wasn't even tempted to join this round robin. I would have had a difficult time making all these blocks into a coherent whole. It has been interesting, though, to see how each participant has adapted the concept to keep from winding up with a gigantic quilt at the end.

  3. I like your log cabins in the wonky improv style you used, Joy! They fit the style of your rectangular (instead of round!) robin really well! There have been times when I wished I had done something a little more like yours rather than the traditional way I actually did.

  4. Love how your SAHRR is going rectangular. The Wonky Log Cabins look good. Just a little more work left for that clue!

  5. You can knock out those last few LC's in no time! The overall design is looking good!

  6. I really enjoy your process! Love the colors, and your wonky stars look great.

  7. Kudos to you for continuing to play along... I got stopped at round one!

  8. I like the balance the log cabin blocks bring, they mimic the color density in your keyboard row. Nice!

  9. The Quarter logs are cute! So its more like a row quilt right? I really like how it is growing and all the unique aspects of it!

  10. You are making great progress. Well done.


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