Sunday, February 23, 2020

Sew Some Love - {Stand of Trees block and...} More #bushfireblocks

Welcome to the next edition of Sew Some Love Sunday!!  I am here to share the making of my Stand of Trees block and the #bushfireblocks that came in this week.

If YOU work quickly, there's still time to contribute!  Check out the information in my #bushfireblocks post.  I made my block in about an hour... and that included design time.

Stand of Trees block...

I started with inspiration from Bluewolfwalking on Ravelry who made her block using applique:


Did a "down and dirty" sketch:

Went up to the sewing room and everything changed!

The single trunk became this...

... With the use of a bit of Improv piecing.

Then a scrap chunk on the table gave me a "What If..." moment.

Now to address those tree tops:

This took me through a series of options, however, the photos weren't as clear as I had hoped.  I auditioned the following...

1. Raw Edge Applique
2. Traditional piecing
3. Finished Edge Applique

I opted for a combination technique.

I give you Stand of Trees:

This week's arrivals...

I'm SEW thankful that the quilters in my various circles of friends have jumped on board!  The Wollengong Modern Quilt Guild will be pleased to set these all into the quilts they are making for people who have lost everything in the Australian bush fires.

Blocks from...

Bitord on Ravelry:

A group shot, above (with one block turned sideways. Oops!)



Boab Tree


Joanne @ Cats in the Quiltorium:

Postage contribution from...

Thank you to all!!!  And just in case anyone wants to make a block today to drop in the mail tomorrow, I'm linking up with:

Cynthia @

Quilting is more fun than Housework


Just add a comment (with your email address attached) indicating that you would like to make a block.  I will send my snail mail addy.  Any blocks just need to arrive at 27278 zip code by Feb. 29.

Until next time...
Sew Some Love!!

Edited to add in response to a comment:

The trunks were Improv pieced.
The tree tops were traditionally pieced.
On each of the sections, there were jagged edges because the pieces weren't all exactly the same size.
That left me with the challenge of deciding how to attach them into a quilt block.

First, I auditioned what a straight seam would look like.
The result didn't wow me.

Next, I thought about leaving the edges raw (cut or torn, but raveling.)
I worried that would look too messy and possibly be too unstable for the purpose.

Then, I decided that I would turn the edges (quarter or eighth inch turn under) for a "finished" edge.
I clipped a few stitches from the bottom of the tree top seams and top stitched the two block components together.
When I did the topstitching, I pivoted the piece at each seam, stitched up and then back down right beside the seam line (so it wouldn't come unsewn later) and pivoted again to continue along the bottom edge of the next tree top.

Repeat, repeat, repeat.



  1. Beautiful blocks. I love your improv trees!

  2. I like how yours turned out, Joy! Hoping I can get a few trees made this afternoon so I can get them in the mail tomorrow!

  3. I adore those improv trees. So clever! Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  4. Joy, nice pics! I couldn’t see your lovely Stand of Trees well enough to tell which of the 3 techniques you used where on your block. Will you please explain to this non-quilter?

    Bluewolfwalking ��

  5. Your Stand of Trees is really great! Improv works so well with organic subjects, doesn't it? Could you use a bit more postage? I'm not going to be able to send a block, but cash I can do. Send me your paypal address, please :)

  6. Pretty blocks, and your making of is just wonderful! Love how you were thinking during the process!

  7. Maybe I am doing something wrong? I have commented twice to ask for your address, but when I hit publish, I don't see it. Maybe you look at them first before it's published? Anyway, I am trying to get your address so I can send you some blocks I have done. Thanks!

  8. Hello, I noticed your post on Paula’s blog but can’t find your email address. Just to let you know we are having a blog hop to celebrate Paula’s life. You are welcome to delete this once you have read it.


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