Sunday, January 26, 2020

Sew Some Love Sunday - #bushfireblocks

Welcome to another edition of Sew Some Love Sunday!!  I'm here with a donation opportunity for YOU.  As with Hearts for Christchurch, another disaster has presented itself.  This time, in the form of a natural disaster.  I'm sure you've heard that (parts of) Australia is burning.

What can we DO, Joyful??

Well, I'm glad you asked.  I've decided to offer my readers (and several of my quilt groups) my services as a collection point for the tree block drive organized by Wollongong Modern Quilt Guild and will mail them off to Australia for anyone who wants to donate.

Of course, I had heard about the fires.  I had even heard about the koala Joey Pouches that are being made around the globe.  Thank you to Raewyn at Stitching Farm Girl for alerting me to the ongoing Tree Block Collection for #bushfireblocks!  Look at the wonderful blocks she made over the weekend:

Blocks by Raewyn @ Stitching Farm Girl

Where did she find those cool patterns???

More patterns are available at the WMQG site, but any 12.5" finished Tree Block can be used.  And... they don't HAVE to be GREEN!!!  :o))

Your tree blocks can be in a RAINBOW of colors (including green) and they don't necessarily have to by pieced.  You are also free to make applique blocks or embroidered blocks.  The only stipulation is that you use low volume (plain white, pale gray or subtle prints) fabrics for the background.

I'm looking forward to trying my hand at New Shoots by Lorena Uriarte who blogs @ Lorena UriARTe:


Leave a comment, if you plan to make and send some blocks for me to ship to Australia.  I will email email my "snail mail" address. All block MUST BE RECEIVED by February 29, 2020 to be included in my shipment!!!  I will need to mail them on March 1, 2020 (per WMQG's instructions/FAQ).

NOTICE:  Please include your email address in your comment, if you are a NO REPLY blogger!!  Otherwise, I have no way to contact you with my mailing inform.  (Sorry about that, Tedagmar!)

Until next time...
QUILT for Australia!!!


  1. I would love to contribute some blocks, can you please send me your snail mail address? Thanks!

    1. Guess you know by now that I'm new to this, I thought it automatically included my email addy. It is Thanks for alerting me to my blooper :-)

  2. I posted blocks to them last Friday...2 blocks in an envelope cost me $15 in postage and delivery will be in 4-5 weeks!! I would have loved to have sent them to you!!!

  3. I'll contribute blocks. Thanks for being a point person on this project Joy!

  4. Last day in Australia today. I'll do my best to get some blocks to you, but have SEW much catching up to do after almost 30 days away from home. Sydney proper has not been affected by the fires other than poor air quality.

  5. I would love to contribute. Please send your snail mail address to me. Thanks!

  6. Send me your snailmail. I think took care of my no reply status....

  7. I thought I sent a message earlier for your address, but don't see it here so maybe it didn't go through... I have some blocks to send ASAP. Thanks!


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