Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Tidy Up Tuesday - Weekend Edition

Welcome to another edition of Tidy Up Tuesday!!  This post was SUPPOSED to detail the progress made in my studio over the weekend.  DS1 had planned to come home and help.

Let's see how that panned out...

FRIDAY - I was at Friday Night Sew-In (review post coming soon) when DS1 arrived.  He was almost asleep when I got home (close to midnight.)  I didn't mind, as I managed to cut EVERY piece of fabric purchased for my niece's wedding quilt.  Here are the blue and green fabric scraps to prove it:

SATURDAY - DS1 slept late, but that was OK.  I needed to finish my post for ScrapHappy Saturday, anyway.

Once that was done and he finally crawled out of bed, DS1 was on a mission to see what was going on with Ms. Crunchy and found an issue that the repair guy didn't even mention:

Thanks for the great name for my old machine, Louise!!  You'll find her over at Quilt Odyssey blog.

Don't miss her 2019 Year in Review post
for a look at her MANY wonderful donation quilts!

SUNDAY - I spent the morning catching up with blog friends and worked on a project for my STOP on the Winter Blues Blog Hop in the afternoon:

MONDAY - Hey, it SEW totally counts as the weekend!  :P

After all, it was a holiday.  Would you believe it?!  There was STILL no cleaning was done!  :o((

Instead, I got a start on quilting a client quilt.  That TOTALLY counts for Tidy Up Tuesday!!  It's been locked and loaded since before I hurt my back several weeks ago:

I also finished up a Mail Call Monday post.  It's QUITE the story!  You might be surprised.  It MIGHT have something to do with the contents of THIS box:

Oh, well... Cleaning and organizing was a good idea.  Unfortunately, that just didn't happen this past weekend!  Fortunately, another one is on its way.  :o))

Until next time...
SEW with the flow!!! 

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