Thursday, January 2, 2020

Autumn 2019 (Ravelry) UFO Club - The Results

The Autumn 2019 UFO Club is now CLOSED!! Participants MUST have listed (at least) FIVE projects. Photos should have accompanied the list. Sign-ups ended at midnight EDT on October 7, 2019.
NOTE: All qualifying finishes must be posted BEFORE midnight EST on December 31, 2019!!!
Membership (25):
SEND (5):
doris7264: 3 completed projects
katyknitsnyc: 3 completed projects
bowie: 2 completed projects
tjsayers: 1 completed project
NO SEND (20):
gathersnomoss: 3 completed projects
emaleena: 3 completed projects
dzirin: 1 completed project
Picotine: 2 completed projects
Peregrineknit: 5 completed projects
siberspinner: 1 completed project
basketcase9702: 1 completed project
amalberti: 6 completed projects
jrnylst: 1 completed project
mairG: 1 completed project
GBKDalton: 4 completed projects
love2learnWI: 2 completed projects
needleb: 1 completed project
orooni: 1 completed project
Peerpressure: 1 completed project
graylagran: 1 completed project
Session Totals: 20 quilters completed 41 projects!!!
Congratulations to our finishers.  Thank you to to all of our participants.  Congrats to Peerpressure on finishing her 1st project of the session with only a couple hours remaining!! That finish earned her the title of Queen of the Last Minute, as no one was able to knock her off her pedestal before the Midnight deadline. Congrats to also go out to Amalberti for being this quarter's Rock Star by finishing SIX (6) projects during the quarter!
My Contribution???
I am pleased to have added ONE (1) finish to our totals by completing my Guild's Initial Challenge quilt.  It's a small one, but it still counts!
I present (for your review) M is for Mosaic in process:


... Complete:

Thanks to the use of my dear friend Dee Dee's machine while mine was in the hospital...
For the 1st of THREE visits during the quarter!!
Do YOU have 5 (or more) quilting UFOs???
Join Ravelry (and the Quilters Knitting group.) Quick! We would love for you to join in the finishing fun, if you would like to participate in the Winter 2020 UFO Club.  Sign-ups end on January 7th at Midnight (EST.)

One final note:

I'm happy to report that The Club scored a NEW RECORD for the ratio of finishers to participants this quarter.  Notice, there were TWENTY (20) finishers out of TWENTY-FIVE (25) participants this time around.  Best EVER!

Until next time...
UFO, GO!!!

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  1. Sounds like a very good year for many of the participants.


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