Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Wonderful Wednesday - Stash Buster Challenge Edition

Welcome to the first edition of Wonderful Wednesday for the year 2020!!!  I'm here to share the beginning (and possibly the end) of a new project that I found out in BlogLand.  Julie at Quilts and Costumes had tried a small batch of the Scrap Buster Challenge blocks from Border Creek Station.

I posted about it in last Wednesday's entry of Week 2's progress report for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  If you will notice, I chose to make my sample block in Light/Bright GREEN, which is January's Color of the Month:


Making this block proved to be QUITE a process!

Here's how it all went down...

After cutting the required squares and rectangles from my fabric scraps, I began sewing the components...

... For creating the 4-Patch blocks:

It's too bad that I failed to remember the assembly instructions on the short trip from the computer to the sewing machine!!!  :o((

I ripped and remade the components, then carefully laid out the pieces for creating my sample block:

Unfortunately, when I stitched those block parts together, things went horribly wrong...

... Again:

Interesting, but NOT like the instructions indicate.

After engaging the assistance of my seam ripper and re-sewing, all was right with the world:

For such an EASY block, I had an awful lot of trouble getting it together!  LOL!!

It was at this point that Julie chimed in with the following comment:

"I made the same mistake on my first stash buster block too. Sorry I didn't post a warning."

Ugh!  Thanks a LOT, Julie!

My response:

"LOL!! No worries. If you sew, so shall you rip. It's just the way it goes sometimes."

And THAT is a universal truth when one is a quilter.

I really like this block.  Even though it presented a challenge to my block production skills, I will try (at least) a few more.  Stay tuned for a Stash Buster Challenge update in the coming weeks.

And, just so Kelly can feel a little better about her (accidental) tandem quilts, I'm linking up with her for

Until next time...
Bust that STASH!!!


  1. So you took the scenic route :-) All's well that ends well. You know better for the next time.

  2. I call myself the Queen of Bloopers but you are becoming a very close second. (Don't touch my crown!) lol ;^)

  3. That's a fun scrap buster. I'm sure that having now made one, the rest will be less tricky.

  4. is that the 3rd time is a charm theory - ha ha! great blocks!

  5. Cute block in some happy greens! I spent a LOT of time with my seam ripper today, too. Some days are just like that :)

  6. That's a great block, and so glad you got it figured out! I think those blocks will give you lots of layout possibilities!

  7. that looks like part of the construction of the blocks I am making right now and the first block I had some ripping to do too

  8. Frogging...definitely not my favorite way to spend the day!! However, had I done that block, I'm sure I would have had to employ my seam ripper more than you did!! I really don't like to rip out a paper pieced block or ripping out quilting!! I love how your block turned out!

  9. It is an interesting block. Sometimes we just need to rest a few minutes to think. Glad your seam ripper is a friend.

  10. It's a great stash buster block. One round with a seam ripper early always seems to help me get the rest of the blocks right the first time through. Hope that's the case for you.

  11. I felt like I was reading an adventure in my sewing room! Well it turned out really nice. :)


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