Saturday, January 11, 2020

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC20 - Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  This week I found a little bit of time to devote to some scrappy progress in Light/Bright GREEN.  In case you missed them, you can find my goals for 2020 in THIS POST.

Take a look at my week...

SUNDAY - I noticed that Angela had opened an RSC20 tab at the top of her blog page.  For those of us who like to plan ahead (or jump ahead), she has declared a list of colors for the year:

10 Colors for 2020 (in rainbow order) will be: red, orange, yellow, light and bright green, dark and sage green, teal or aqua blue, light and bright blue, dark or other blue, purple and pink.

I also noticed that Mt. Washmore was threatening to take over the entire laundry room!!  Sorting, washing, and drying commenced.

Next, I was off to do another kind of sorting...

Sorting through my stash of scrap bags, in search of more bits of Light/Bright GREEN to play with this month.  Here is the gallon sized baggie that I found:

MONDAYBetween loads of laundry yesterday, I caught up on a few of my friends in BlogLand.  One post in particular led me down a bit of a rabbit hole.

Lee Anna at Not Afraid of Color embedded a video link near the bottom of her Sewing Saturday post.  Being the scrap quilter that I am, I simply couldn't resist checking out.

You see, Darlene on YouTube has developed a technique for using some of her smallest fabric strings to create "made" fabric.  Not only that...  She used her scraps of single-sided fusible to make the magic happen!!

Skinny strings???  Leftover fusible???  "Made" fabric???

OMG!!  Mind.  Blown!!!

Seriously?!  If you know me, you KNOW that I have TONS of  single-sided lightweight fusible scraps leftover from making many T-Quilts over the years.  You also know that I absolutely LOVE using scraps down to the very last inch.

However, I will add the following disclaimer:

While I do intend to try Darlene's technique, I will NOT start saving bags and bags of the string-y scraps that she uses in her blocks.  Some things are even TOO CRAZY for me!!!  :P

Here is the beginning of my Super-Crazy Over-the-Top String-y block that I started last night:

My iron was missing in action!  Otherwise, I might have gotten a better start on it (or even finished this little sample block.)

TUESDAY -  Can you see the bits of Bright GREEN glitter in my nail polish???  Ignore the two-week growth.  Concentrate on the...

... Glittery GREEN goodness within the depths of the dark color!!  :o))

WEDNESDAY - Want to hear about something else I read this past weekend???  Julie @ Quilts and Costumes blog posted about the 2020 Stashbuster Challenge @ Border Creek Station Pattern Company.  They host a number of fun activities throughout the year.  If YOU have fabric scraps, you may want to go check it out!

THURSDAY - Here are the scraps that I chose for my first/sample Stashbuster Challenge block...  In honor of January's RSC Color of the Month, Light/Bright GREEN made the first cut:

I'm waiting for my "piecing machine" to return from the doctor before attempting construction.  Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get over to Raleigh to retrieve the machine.  :o((

FRIDAY - Wow!!  That was FAST!!!  The weekend is here, again.

Bonnie did NOT post the Frolic reveal!!! Part 8 was released.  You can fin the instructions HERE.

OK, sew...

I couldn't stand waiting any longer.  I just HAD to try this block:

Too bad I can't remember a block layout from computer to sewing room!  The 4-Patch components were supposed to have all 3 fabrics represented:

Whoops!!!  4-Patch FAIL!!!  :o((

SATURDAY - It's LINK PARTY day over at So Scrappy!  Angela wants YOU to share your Light/Bright GREEN scrap sewing.  

While you do that, I'm going to Quilt Bee.  I'll check in with the RSC Quilters later on.

Did you notice how the squirrels took over???

Maybe NEXT week I will actually attempt to work my stated goals for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!  Only time will tell.  :o))

Until next time...


  1. I fell down the same rabbit hole, but I can't :) I really like the stashbuster challenge this year.

  2. Im on the stashbuster fb page. Im still debating how to do the blocks...rsc or just pull from the 3 scrap bins... hope the back is better.

  3. I just went and downloaded the Stashbuster block - that is a great one! I know you'll get yours fixed up in no time!

  4. Oh gosh! more rabbit holes to fall down! No, sorry, I won't be joining the Stashbuster programme. Today I just started cutting for a Jen Kingwell stash busting quilt (from her book) so that's enough for the present. I still have to decide my RSC project.
    Thanks for the tip on the video;I'll check it out!

  5. Looks like you are sending me down the virtual rabbit hole as well. I'm checking out the string videos right after I type this reply. LOVE your nail color -- as always. LOL on the 4-patch fail. You'll get there. :) Have a great week, Joy! Mt. Washmore and Mt. Dishmore are calling my name today.

  6. I made the same mistake on my first stash buster block too. Sorry I didn't post a warning.

  7. It looks like you have lots of bright green strings. They'll make a fun quilt!

  8. Maybe you didn't get any picture-worthy photos but it seems you had a lot of fun this week. Now go rescue your piecing machine! Lol!


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