Sunday, March 31, 2019

Sew Some Love Sunday - Angels in Gumboots

Welcome to another edition of Sew Some Love Sunday!!  I'm not quite sure what this world is coming to.  It seems that the phrase Another day, another tragedy! is beginning to fit into our lives.  Today's edition of Sew Some Love Sunday is dedicated to...

Angels in Gumboots.  I'm passing along the information for anyone who hasn't seen this yet.  It's another instance of me sharing an opportunity for YOU to do good.  Families are hurting.  Quilts can help!!

Picotine, shared the following info from FB on the Quilters Knitting Group on Ravelry:

Have you heard of Healing Hearts quilts? KiwiQuilters (a Facebook group) have been making them for those affected by traumatic events for years now, and we here at Angels have offered to help organise and coordinate Healing Hearts quilts for Christchurch. We have a lofty goal of making 50 quilts - one for each of those killed in the Christchurch massacre on Friday.
What we need are blocks… and lots of them! Plus those willing and able to put the quilt tops together, quilt, and finish them.
So, can you help us out? Can you make some green heart blocks? Can you help piece them together? Can you help quilt and/or bind them? Can you help by donating batting or backing?
Make it a group affair with your quilting friends, groups, or guilds. Attached is a pattern for a basic pieced heart block. You can make your own versions too as long as they are 6.5 inches unfinished (to be 6 inches finished).
Please help us reach our goal green_heart
IMPORTANT NOTE: I’ve been asked to pass on that our hearts need to avoid the colour red, prints with animals on (my bad with my applique heart!) and prints with people/faces/figures.
EDIT: address to send blocks - Helen Thomas, Angels in Gumboots, 101 Cambridge Avenue, Ashhurst 4810. Keep up the amazing green-hearted work!

No photo description available.

You may recognize the pattern is from Cluck Cluck Sew.  It was linked on my blog back when the Orlando Modern Guild was collecting blocks for the Pulse Nightclub shooting.  My Quilt Bee(s) sent not one, but two quilts for that effort.  If interested, you can see them by following this LINK.

PLEASE NOTICE!!!  The cutting instructions for the Healing Hearts for Christchurch blocks are slightly different from the pattern that Allison designed.  Hers finished without a border around each of the blocks.  The Angels in Gumboots blocks include a border around each of the hearts.


Unless you plan to make enough blocks for a quilt top (or a completed quilt top) please follow the instructions shown above.

 When making my block, I "double sewed" to make Bonus HSTs:

Here is my GREEN heart:

Top and bottom borders added:

And the completed block with accompanying Bonus HSTs:

I have a question:

Has anyone heard of someone in the US who is collecting blocks to be sent off to New Zealand?  If so, please let me know.

Never mind...

I (accidentally) volunteered to collect blocks for the Quilting Knitters group on Ravelry in a post that read:

Thanks! Ack! I read that post and didn’t see the mailing thing. It looks like her turnaround time is too tight for us to make the deadline.
How about this??
Same deal with sending a dollar or two to contribute to the postage and I will mail our collected blocks to NZ. Get them to me by April 20th and I’ll mail them on April 24th. (That gives ample time to make and mail, as well as a couple days of wiggle room.)
Drop me a PM for my mailing address.

Let’s quilt for GOOD!!!


If YOU need somewhere to mail your GREEN Heart blocks for Christchurch, drop me an email and I will give you my mailing address.  Same deal applies.  Include a buck or two with your block(s) to help defray the cost of international postage.  Thanks!

Until next time...
Make. Mail. LOVE!!!


  1. Thanks for the information. I hope to make a few of these before the deadline.

  2. Yep, same as Kate. Please email me your address. Thanks for agreeing to collect these. I have a friend in New Zealand and I know how expensive postage can be!

  3. Yes please send your address. Darlene

  4. I love those green hearts! I should be making some, too. It's good to know that the blocks they want are a bit different.

  5. I live in New Zealand and have just posted off some green hearts to Angels in Gumboots shop. Good on you for coordinating collection from your part of the world. Each heart will make a difference, and its wonderful when quilters come together for a good cause.

  6. Don't forget to put "New Zealand" on the end of that address. I know one person who did that and can only hope that the post office can figure it out by themselves.


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