Monday, February 10, 2020

Mail Call Monday - Mini Heart Edition

Resistance is Futile - Jayne's Mini Hearts

Sort of...

Welcome to this week's edition of Mail Call Monday!!  I'm here to share my most recent adaptation of the infinite inspiration found on the interwebs.  If you have been following Project QUILTING, you might have already seen this:

I was inspired by Jayne @ Twiggy and Opal blog.  I really like the Heart Mini Quilts that she shared in THIS POST at the end of January.  After looking at her projects, I decided that I wanted to change my version up a little.

That's when the Squirrels took over my sewing room!!!

Here's how that went...

It's actually funny how it all played out.  You see, Jayne is a constant source of inspiration for me and in the midst of preparation for making my version, I went back to get another look at her little mini.  I wanted to solidify my Challenge design and found that it was listed for SALE in her Esty shop.

What is a "fan girl" to do???

Why buy the pattern when you can purchase the quilt?!?!  Right?  I hit the Add to Cart button, so fast it would make your head spin.

MINE!!!  :o))

Along about Friday of last week, I got a package in the mail:

What a professional packaging job!  Branding, galore:

Inside the carefully wrapped package, that little inspiration quilt had just arrived at my door and is now hanging on the Gallery Wire in my studio:

And later the next day, I took this fraternal twin shot:

I'm thrilled to have been able to add Jayne's little mini heart to my collection.  It will brighten my days during this month (and beyond.)  Please forgive the crazy font changes.  I'm not sure how that happened (and I can't seem to correct the issue.)  I just wanted Jayne's quilt to have its own Mail Call post, even though it was featured in my 11.3 post for Project QUILTING.

Until next time...

Love to QUILT!!!


  1. Oh my goodness that heart mini is darling! I like the heart shape better than any other I've seen. I had to race to Twiggy and Opal website and now have a new blog to follow. And her hearts PDF pattern is in my cart - lol!

  2. Love those minis!!! Are you going to complete the series of one with a single piece in the middle of the heart being the background and one where the entire heart is beautiful colors?

  3. You know what?!!! They make an amazing duo! LOVE that you decided to kick it up and make your own version. I love it and thank you so, so much! I'm blushing with all the compliments!

  4. I love your idea of the wire to hang mini quilts. Such a neat thing to have inspiration in visual range!!

    I really love both of them hanging together!

  5. You had me at Resistance :-) Resisting anything Jayne makes is futile. Ask me how I know :-p

  6. they look happy together and make a great valentine's present for you.


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