Tuesday, April 16, 2024

The 100 Day Project - #100Days100ThingsDecluttered - Week 8

Welcome to Week 8 of the #100Days100ThingsDecluttered, the current mini-series here on The Joyful Quilter!!  I started The 100 Day Project last week.  I'm still shocked that I finally committed to it.  It's particularly popular on Instagram.  I have been hesitant to participate before now.  I'll be releasing weekly updates on Tidy Up Tuesday for those of you who might be interested in seeing what goes out the door.

What did you say your project was, again, Joyful???

I signed up with a different idea in mind than most.  You can read about it HERE.  That link will tell you all about my project.

The gist of my focus...

Decluttering my home and studio in an effort to free up space for MORE creativity.

Here's my progress for Week 8:

2 outdated meds
1 tunic
2 dresses
1 vest

Total:  6/100

Updated Project Total: 146/100

Thank you to those of you who continue to encourage my decluttering efforts!  I appreciate your kind comments and your willingness to cheer me along.  I'm pleased to report that I have finally made a pass through my closet.  It wasn't much, and I do have plans for another pass through it this coming weekend, but it was a good start while packing for a weekend away.  Come back next week to see what goes in the box during the next 7 days.


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Until next time...
Do the 100 Day Project!!!


  1. I promised myself that on June 1 this year, I will try on every article of clothing I have and if it doesn't fit properly and/or I don't like it, out it goes. I'm a bit of a minimalist so don't have nearly the quantity my contemporaries do, but I do have much I don't wear. I'm down 2 sizes in 2 years and the "too big" is already gone except for sweatshirts and t-shirts. Those I will wear out. Yes, I'm a use-it-up girl!

    Good luck on your journey!

  2. Working on your second 100 - way to go!! Me too, thanks to my husband purging so many things from his side of the closet. LOL But I did add about 6 things to the donation box from my sewing room shelves yesterday.

  3. Enjoy your weekend away knowing you are doing a great job at decluttering! ~Jeanne

  4. I have two boxes of stuff to take to the church rummage sale.

  5. Hooray. Just pulled 2 sets of sheets and a set of towels for the recycling pile! Congrats on your decluttering - its commendable!


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