Tuesday, April 2, 2024

The 100 Day Project - #100Days100ThingsDecluttered - Week 6

Welcome to Week 6 of the #100Days100ThingsDecluttered new mini-series here on The Joyful Quilter!!  I started The 100 Day Project on February 18th.  I'm still shocked that I finally committed to it.  It's particularly popular on Instagram.  I have been hesitant to participate before now.  I'll be releasing weekly updates for those of you who might be interested in seeing what goes out the door.

What's your project, again, Joyful???

I signed up with a different idea in mind than most.  You can read about it HERE.  That link will tell you all about my project.

The BIG project update last week was...

#100Days100ThingsDecluttered Project Total: 100/100!!!

Never fear...

I'm NOT stopping here!!  I will continue to declutter my home and studio for the entirety of the 100 Day Project.  I still need to free up MORE space for more creativity.

Here's my progress for Week Six from all around the house, studio and garage:

1 stoneware pan (that I never use)
8 airplane wheels (removed from my longarm quilting machine a number of years ago and saved for WHY?!)
1 pair of rain boots/gardening boots (that hurt my feet)
6 iron-on patches from a game at a long ago Quilt Retreat
1 vintage knitting row counter
2 misc. plastic pieces (recycled)
1 tissue box (saved for making an art journal, but haven't - there will be another when it's time)

Week 6 Total: 20/100

Updated Project Total:  120/100

Thank you to those of you who encouraged me in my decluttering efforts last week!  I appreciate your kind comments and your willingness to cheer me along!  Gail @ JustGail's Blog left the following report:

I've had going through my clothes since I retired. That was fall of 2019. I finally got a start last week. I didn't bag up as much as I'd hoped, but it's a start. There's a bit more room on the closet shelves and at least what's there is now in nice folded stacks. I'll get there, not in 100 days 100 items fashion, but it will get done. Then on to...some other category (makeup? hair accessories?) or location (bathroom? kitchen?)
You are doing fantastic on your progress!

Here was my response:

Congratulations on your successful start on your decluttering journey, Gail, and thank you for cheering me along! I need to get in my closet to remove a layer of unworn items. Maybe next week and then I want to really focus on the studio. Wish me luck!

You might have noticed that my closet clean-out hasn't happened, but come back next week to see what goes in the box during the next 7 days.  I haven't given up hope.


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Until next time...
Do the 100 Day Project!!!


  1. We are having a declutter, especially what is in our loft. My youngest is now 32 but we still have school work and other items from their childhood years that they wanted keeping. Some has now been shredded and a load has gone to older daughters house. We still have artwork from her degree in the loft which she will go through when she next visits. I'm slowly going through all our cupboards and drawers.

  2. I made progress on my goal to get rid of 100 things - 10 clothing items, a set of 8 bowls, 6 knickknack and 2 platters to the thrift store. 26 more items gets me almost halfway to the goal. Whooppee! Still need to work more in the kitchen and basement.

  3. You go girl! You are amazing - going above and beyond! ~Jeanne

  4. I'm not participating in any challenge, but this morning I did take a good size donation box to the Presbyterian Church for their upcoming rummage sale. It included 8 mugs that went with my everyday dishes (more than 30 years old). The mugs had never been used because we used other mugs (many decorated with irises) for our hot beverages. Also 4 fancy glasses we used for juice, but haven't used in years. More to come, for sure.


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