Tuesday, February 21, 2023

TidyUp Tuesday - Delivering Quilty Hugs

Welcome to another edition of Tidy-Up Tuesday!!  I'm here to share this past Saturday's quilt delivery.  If you visit regularly, you might have read about the making of The Emergency Quilt last week, but there is a bit more to tell.

Here is the rest of the story...

My friend lost her home to a house fire two weeks ago today.  When I heard the news, I was in shock.  The house was a total loss.  It was a lot to take in, even though I was far removed from the devastation.

I wanted to do something to help, but what???

It took a day or two before it sank in just what was needed.  That's when I knew without a doubt that this family needed quilts to comfort them during this time.

They needed QUILTS and they needed them FAST!!!

I had a plan for Mama's quilt.  She loves nature, trees, and digging in the dirt.  What better quilt than my (dirt-colored) Blooming 9-Patch:

This quilt was made as a Quilt Along with my Sew/Craft Friends-zy group.  Since it was going to be mine, I purchased a special circle design quilt backing at Pineapple Fabrics during one of their Warehouse Sales before finishing the top.  I quilted the quilt my longarm with a favorite design board to drive home the circles of the backing fabric. It was my final UFO finish of 2020 and it hasn't been used once since I completed it.  I guess it was just waiting for The Professor to need a quilt to comfort her:

On delivery day, she got her quilt first:

So touched by the gesture, she was on the verge of tears:

Next up, The Junior Quilter got her quilt from Miss Britt:

Britt's Tiny Nines quilt hadn't really found a home at her house since its completion, but The Junior Quilter has always LOVED fabric scraps and the blue of the backing fabric is one of her favorites.  The fact that the "String of Pearls" fabric of circles  "match" the back of Mama's new quilt is a bonus:

Then came the challenge of providing a quilt for a preteen boy...

Neither Britt nor I had anything appropriate in our stash of quilts ready for gifting.  She volunteered to help me make blocks for a quilt for him.  The reality of how long that might take and the realization that I might have another (even better) solution to the conundrum came to me when the shock of the situation wore off.

What's the plan, Joyful???

Right upstairs, there was a stack of Duke shirts waiting to be turned into a quilt.  Duke just happens to be his favorite team.  Nothing could be a more fitting quilt.

I still can't quite get over the fact that I made a T-shirt quilt in a few short long days!!!

Finally, the time had come for The Preteen to receive his quilt:

Little sister was happy for him:

Britt took these photos as we all smiled for the camera:

I captured these precious moments after presenting the quilts...

The Junior Quilter is already wrapping herself in her quilt and dragging it around the house:

Here she is burying her face in Mama's quilt:

Laying on her brother's quilt while asking for help straightening her own:

One extra hug for Miss Joy before the quilters went back to an afternoon of art-ing:

This whole quilt presentation thing wouldn't have happened without the support of this dear, sweet friend:

Thank you, Britt!!

Thank you for:

1. Jumping in to help me provide quilts for this family in their time of need.
2. Volunteering to make blocks when I thought that would be the best route to a preteen quilt.
3. Agreeing to quilt the T-quilt once the idea of making quilt blocks fell through.
4. Donating one of your favorite scrap quilts to the cause.
5. Being my quilty/arty BFF!!

Until next time...
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  1. This is such a kind, caring post on all counts, from gifting quilts to a devastated family to friends pitching in together. This could easily be an I Like Thursday post.

  2. What a wonderful post, I know they love their quilts.

  3. Annie (Annie’s Musings)February 22, 2023 at 8:15 AM

    What a caring and generous friend you are (and have in Britt). This is such a heartwarming story of love and kindness. These particular quilts will have a special place in their hearts always.

  4. This makes my heart sing! You are awesome! ~Jeanne

  5. That is really a wonderful thing to do for them. One of my first quilts over 35 years ago went to a co-worker after a fire in their home.

  6. Thank you for such an inspiring story. The quilts will mean so much to them through all the upheaval and heartache. Times like this are what quilters are for!

  7. That would be a horrible event to experience, and you and Britt are wonderful to help them out with some quilted comfort! I love all the big smiles on everyone's faces. Lots of comfort there!

  8. Ohhhhh I just LOVE this post - what happiness you spread....

  9. Ahhh. . .what happiness! I love seeing a quilt drug, stuffed and USED! The joy on each of their faces is priceless! --TerryK@OnGoingProjects

  10. Perfection! What a great way to share the love!

  11. I can't imagine a more devastating disaster than fire (other than losing a loved one that way). You are very caring and generous. It's obvious your thoughtfulness was appreciated.

  12. It was meant to be! Thank you for letting me help give quilty hugs to this sweet family.


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