Sunday, February 5, 2023

(Not so...) Mini Monday (On a Sunday, Again) - SAHRR 2023 - Round Two

Welcome to (Not so) Mini Monday... a little bit early!!  It's the way it's going to be for the duration so that I don't miss the Link-up.  I shared the beginning of Round One of my 2023 Stay At Home Round Robin (SAHRR) last week.  Wendy @ Pieceful Thoughts of My Quilting Life is next up with our assignment for Round Two.

And the verdict is...


What do you have planned, Joyful???

First, I plan to sort through my stack of holiday blocks to see if there might be a star or two in the mix:

Here's where I left things with Round 1...

A single spool block had been constructed and my center had encountered a game change:

Where will Round 2 take me???

Let's have a look...

I discovered this hidden in the YEARS worth of accumulation:

But what will you DO with it, Joyful???

I had a few ideas about that...

1. Quarter the block I shared above.
2. Make small stars for cornerstones.
3. Incorporate Anja's Round 2 into my project somehow.

Could I come up with unexpected??

As I thought over my options, I had a sudden flash of brilliance!  It sounded like a really good idea (in my head.)  But would it work on my quilt?  I thought it might (and I may still implement my hair-brained idea at a later date), but for now I'm thinking of another idea.

Ultimately, I decided...

To dive into my stash!  I was on the hunt for starry fabrics for a simple border.  Would I find anything to suit my needs?  On the way to the studio, I had another idea.  Star.  Stars.  Didn't I just make some fun stars?  My strippy denim stars (found in THIS post) were fast and fun.  There are SEW many options for color and background combinations.  I think I still have the templates.  As for the STAR prompt for Round 2, I went with something completely different!

A block stack to give me a larger rectangle to build my quilt upon...

I thought about using these three which balanced the red nicely:

I wondered about reintroducing my original starting block with its starry background:


Opted for throwing them ALL in there and hoped that I won't regret sewing them together:

Please, visit the other participants in this week's Link Party and stop back here to see how my quilt will progress with Round Three.

Here's this year's SAHRR hosting schedule:

Until next time...
Sew a Round!!! 


  1. This is getting interesting! I like what you've done so far. ~Jeanne

  2. Nice blocks, Joy! I love the Ohio Star block. It's such a classic.

  3. Well, it looks good to see the blocks together!

  4. What a fun twist on the prompts so far!

  5. I like the way you used them all, Joy. I think you have a fun piece starting here. Do you have an intention for size or are you just winging it?


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