Sunday, February 19, 2023

(Not so...) Mini Monday (On Sunday) - SAHRR2023 - Round 4

Welcome to (Not so) Mini Monday... a little bit early!!  It's the way it's going to be for the duration so that I don't miss the Link-up.  I shared the beginning of Round Three of my 2023 Stay At Home Round Robin (SAHRR) last week.  Anja @ Anja Quilts is up next!  She selected our prompt for Round Four.

And the verdict is...

Flying Geese

Is there a game plan, Joyful???

Sure there is!  I'm going to USE some Flying Geese.  :P

Here's where I left things with Round 3...

My Hourglass blocks were serving as cornerstones to give my growing quilt some additional width:

Round 4 is still very much up a mystery...

I got distracted by another project, but think I will start by making 4 blocks.

Guess what I'm going to DO with them!!!

Come on!  YOU have to help (because I haven't got a CLUE.)


What if I combine these:

And search through my block stack to see what might work with them to create another column?  I wasn't sold on the "golden" border from Round 3 and couldn't figure out a way to make those Hourglass blocks I made actually feel like they fit the quilt.


I scrapped BOTH of those ideas and went "shopping" in my holiday block stack.  I simply didn't have enough time to make blocks this week, but I came up with a lovely Variable Star (?) block that was made from Hourglass components:

 Along with a couple that incorporated Flying Geese...

Some kind of puzzle block:

And this star block:

 I'm thinking I'll add those together with these holiday blocks somehow:

Once again, I'm taking a pass on sewing anything together.  We'll just have to wait and see what the next prompt will bring to the party on Monday.  While we wait, please visit the other participants in this week's Link Party and stop back here to see how my quilt will progress with Round Five.

Here's this year's SAHRR hosting schedule:

Until next time...
Sew a Round!!!


  1. You're always so creative with the interpretations! It's looking good. I, of course, am behind. . .

  2. I love how you are digging into your orphan blocks and finding blocks that fit each week's SAHRR prompt! Those blocks are perfect to continue your plan of a Christmas quilt. I'm not sewing anything together yet either, and it's kind of "freeing" - decisions will get made when the right time comes!

  3. Like what you found to work with your SAHRR. It is fun that you have such a stash of blocks to use and can make them work.

  4. Shaping up nicely--waiting to sew them together is a good idea!


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