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2021 Rainbow Scrap Challenge - The Year in Review

2021 Rainbow Scrap Challenge - The Year in Review

It's the final week of the year and this is where I break my RSC progress down to a monthly review of scrap use.  If you saw my 2020 Rainbow Scrap Challenge - Year in Review post, you might be surprised about what will follow.  I changed everything this year and all but stopped quilting for half the year!  We moved house and studio.

First, I would like to thank Angela for her continued offering of the RSC by hosting the 2021 Rainbow Scrap Challenge this year, even though she was having a really tough year at work.

I'm sharing this post
Angela @ So Scrappy

I appreciate her determination in offering the RSC21 Full Stop Sampler.  I worked on an abbreviated version, but fell behind because of all the packing and unpacking that I had to do during the second half of the year. Once I settle into my new studio, I hope to focus on working through more of the fabric scraps that I missed.

Now, take a look at my progress for the year...


Two scrappy pin cushions:

My entry for the January 2021 TABLE SCRAPS Challenge:


My February 2021 TABLE SCRAPS Challenge entry:

MARCH - Dark/Bright GREEN

I came up with a mug rug for March's TABLE SCRAPS Challenge:

LOVE that spiral quilting!

APRIL - Light/Bright BLUE

My Small Seascape Series included the Color of the Month...

Kitchen Stitchin' Blog Hop make:

The Sewing Mat made for my TABLE SCRAPS entry:


Hands2Help Hometown Hero table runner:

InspiRED was my DrEAMI moment for the month:

Reeling in Red, a new Gallery Wire mini:


This little mug rug spent many months on my bedside table:

JULY - Black or Dark BLUE

Another month, another TABLE SCRAPS Challenge entry:

Not finished.  :o((


Another look at July's same (undone) TABLE SCRAPS mini mat:

The scrap of binding would have brought in the Color of the Month.


Pumpkin colored table topper:

OCTOBER - LIME or Light GREEN or Light Neutrals

My Guild Challenge began with the Color of the Month:

My entry for the Masala Box (Informal) Blog Hop:

NOVEMBER - Assembly of Blocks

My entry for the Mini Maker Baggie Challenge:

With no blocks ready to assemble, I used up another handful of scraps.

DECEMBER - Finishing and Quilting

My final entry for the 2021 TABLE SCRAPS Challenge:

A rainbow finish to finish out the year!  :o))

As you saw above, I sewed with the Color of the Month.  (Almost) EVERY month!  My RSC productivity was severely diminished, but participating in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge remained my focus for scrap sewing!!  During 2021, I found that it was a great way to preserve my sanity in the wake of the craziness of moving house in a world continuing to experience a global pandemic.

Whooping it up with Sarah


Sharing with Cynthia

I enjoyed my TABLE SCRAPS Challenge.  I'm SEW glad that Judy @ Busy Hands are Happy Hands, Deb @  Happy to be Scrappy and LeeAnna @ Not Afraid of Color encouraged me to offer it in conjunction with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2021!  Next year, I am offering an updated version.  Will YOU play along, too?

Are YOU up for a TABLE SCRAPS Challenge???

Check out THIS TAB to find out the particulars for 2022.

Until next time...
Quilt SO scrappy!!! 


  1. You got plenty done in 2021 especially considering your year. Love all the projects and in particular your Guild Challenge which I got to see in person at Pineapple Fabrics. Looking forward to the 2022 Table Scraps Challenge. Happy New Year!

  2. Considering your move, I think you got a lot done! Unfortunately I had to drop out on both challenges. We will see what next year brings.

  3. Looks to me like you got a ton done -and moving and working and.... thats just a lot - but you made such fun projects!!!

  4. Those are lots of adorable rainbow projects. Congratulations for getting so many things finished.

  5. It was fun reading and seeing one more time all the beauties you made during 2021.
    Happy New Year, Joy!!

  6. Thanks for sharing your year in review with Oh Scrap! You made some lovely little projects all year. I am totally focused on placemats this year.

  7. I am impressed you got as much done as you did, quite frankly. Best wishes for a saner new year!

  8. Considering what your year held, I think your mini projects in all the colors of the rainbow are impressive, Joy! So fun and colorful!

  9. Impressive amount finished regardless of all the things happening for you. Mini project count just as much. A little goes a long way!

  10. Very all the colourful finishes.

  11. Your table mats really do span the colors of the year. Each of your finishes is terrific. You have so much fun playing in your scraps and creating cool projects from them.

  12. You did just great despite the total upheaval of your sewing (well, your whole) life this year. Love the rainbow finish, too! I wish you a more settled, quilty new year!

  13. Joyful colours and projects! So cute all of them. Playing with scraps is the most fun stitiching. A very happy New Year to you, Joyful.

  14. You had a lovely and joyful year, even with the upheaval of moving. April was my favorite, but your projects are all great. Here's to an even more creative RSC22!

  15. What a great year in review! Off to read the official rules for next year.

  16. What a lovely variety of projects, each of them beautiful.

  17. What a beautiful colourful scrappy stitchy year you have had!

  18. Congratulations on a year filled with gorgeous scraps, and on the great success of the table runner challenge!

  19. What a fun year in review. So many beautiful table scrap projects.


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