Saturday, December 25, 2021

ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC21 - Week 52

Welcome to Week 52 of the 2021 Rainbow Scrap Challenge!!  This week was spent trying to keep ahead of my scheduled year-end blog posts.  Believe it or not, I just MIGHT have sewed, again.  :o))

Read on to "hear" all the news...

SUNDAY - Today, Knittingsuek and I tried something new:

MONDAY - Late yesterday afternoon, I was able to catch up with LeeAnna @ Not Afraid of Color for our weekly Zoom call:

TUESDAY - My officemate will be on vacation for the rest of the year, so she encouraged me to take the afternoon off.  Our supervisor approved and off I went!  :o))

I ran some errands and...

Wait for it.  Wait for it!

... Did some SEWING (that I'll share later in the week) which just happened to use the colors from this gorgeous hand painted card that arrived in today's mail from Linda @ Art in Search:

Thank you, Linda!!  I feel SEW honored to be on your mailing list.

Also, Ann @ Fiber Designs by Ann asked me to let you know that she is hosting a Fabric GIVEAWAY!!  Stop by HERE for a chance to win.  P.S. Be sure to tell her that Joy sent you.  :o))

WEDNESDAY - It was the LONGEST day EVER!!!  Between my officemate being away and call volume being significantly decreased, the hours really dragged by.  :o((

The longest day was followed by the BEST leftovers EVER!!  Seriously.  DS2 said so!  I felt like a professional chef, even though all I did was slice the chicken and make more of the sauce the recipe had called for when I made it the a couple of nights ago.   :o))

THURSDAY - Wait, WHAT???  I just got the following comment on last Saturday's post:

Sherry has left a new comment on the post "ScrapHappy Saturday - RSC21 - Week 51":

I enjoy your blog. I think we may be very close neighbors as I also live right at the church where they have the drive through nativity.

Thanks, Sherry!  I tried to respond to you via email, but you are a "No Reply" commenter.  Do you live in South Meadow or Little Creek?  I would love to meet you!  Please send me a email.  You can link to it from my profile page.

FRIDAY - Late last night/early this morning, I released the December 2021 TABLE SCRAPS Challenge/LINK PARTY.

Worked for a few hours then went to pick up the Christmas Beast.  Once it was safely in the fridge, I went up to Zoom with LeeAnna @ Not Afraid of Color for a little while, since I was actually HOME on a weekday afternoon:

Speaking of home...

DS1 is "home" for the holiday.  Too bad he feels like guest in our new house!  I keep telling him that he needs to spend more than one night at a time so that he might begin to feel comfortable here.

The evening was filled with baking, visiting, and a little bit of...

Ho! Ho! Humbug!!  We FINALLY decorated.  Inside...

Cards from friends and family

Rudolph and a festive snowman bucket

DS1's twisted paper snowflake

... And out:

SATURDAY - It's LINK PARTY day for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge!  I hope you will join me in visiting Angela @ So Scrappy to see what wonderful projects the RSC Quilters have finished this week.

We even found the perfect place for the smaller of our two trees

Check back tomorrow for my Year in Review post.

Until next time...
SCRAPPY holidays!!


  1. How wonderful to decorate the new home! and have family visit!

  2. Got all excited reading about your sauce…until I checked out the recipe. Not exactly lactose intolerant friendly :((. Glad you have been enjoying some culinary delights and decorating the new house!

  3. So glad you are settling into the new house. I completely forgot about the table topper challenge this month! Hmmmm. I'll see what I can come up with tomorrow.

  4. Fun to see your new house decorated for the holidays! Hopefully DS1 will start to feel more at home there. Merry Christmas, Joy!

  5. Boy have I missed a lot on your blog. I haven't been reading blogs the past few months (too much other stuff going on here). Working sure does take a lot of your quilting time. Unfortunately, I'm getting that time back now. I hope you get some good quilting time again soon.


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