Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Wonderful Wednesday - Baggie Mini Challenge

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  I recently mentioned that Janet @ Rogue Quilter was hosting a Mini Maker Baggie Challenge in conjunction with Wendy's Monthly Mini Challenge @ The Constant Quilter.  As soon as I saw it I knew that I wanted to participate, but with my track record for the past several months, I wasn't very hopeful that I would actually manage to complete a project.


When I received a comment from Jenny @ Romany Quilting over the weekend, I was inspired to go give it the old college try!  I'm not sure why, but her words sparked momentum in me:

Not a stitch of quilting, you say? Do hope you have put that right by now, or else you will get withdrawal symptoms!

I had pulled a variety of scrap bags earlier in the week and then decided on the patriotic one shown below:

What's in the bag, Joyful???

A variety of bits and pieces to tickle the designer in me:

Here's the down-and-dirty layout that I started with...

... Along with the makings of a backing panel:

Look, you guys!!  I'm sewing:

A mini quilt top was pieced from the contents of the baggie:

A backing was pieced, as well:

Here is the quilted and trimmed view of the front...

... Along with the back:

I even found the perfect strip of binding in the baggie.  This little leftover is less that 12" long:

The back was made from a lone block from the border of my (abandoned and refashioned) Sapphire Stars Mystery by Kevin @ Kevin the Quilter.  (Sadly, he's not currently blogging.)  All I had to do was add some chunks of background found within my challenge baggie:

Funny how it looks like I didn't use ANY of the scraps in the bag:

I assure you that EVERY BIT of this mini was pulled from the baggie shown in the opening photo.  Alas, it appears that I could make several more from the remains.  Thank you, Janet, for issuing this fun challenge!  Mini is my middle name.  OK, not really, but I certainly enjoy sewing small.  BIG thanks to Jenny, too!  Without your encouragement, I feel sure that the baggie of scraps would still be sitting on the cutting table untouched.

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Until next time...
Many scraps. MINI challenge!!


  1. Waving the pom-poms for your really cute finish, Joy! How wonderful to be inspired by a comment. :) I'm not surprised about the contents of your baggie - don't you remember how they grow when you use them? :D

  2. Congratulations for your mini finish! Scraps just keep growing. So hard to actually empty a scrap bag!

  3. Hooray for a little fun and simple sewing, resulting in a finish! That is cute! I'm so glad you got some time with your scraps.

  4. Great little mini you have sewn! Very nice to use some of those scraps--even if it seems like you didn't make a dent in that baggie! lol

  5. If that isn’t the cutest little mini, I don’t know what is! Tea! You got to sew! Well done!

  6. Yea - sewing time! That sure is a cute mini - and those scraps seem to be multiplying.....

  7. I do enjoy a fun mini, and this one fits the bill! Why is it that we can never completely use up the scraps??? Haha! I hope Kevin starts blogging again - I'm missing his posts!

  8. You have this patriotic-mini done in time for Veteran's Day! I enjoyed reading about the challenge, but I have so many projects going on now that I probably will not take this challenge on. Lovely post!

  9. And I thought you were making a baggie...

  10. I am glad you listened to Jenny. The little quilt is so lovely. It really is hard to believe that you made it completely scraps out of the bag. I wonder what you will make next.


  11. Oh, what a wonderful patriotic mini for the baggie challenge! Great job, and I hope it felt good to be sewing again.
    In January, when I post the end of the challenge, I will be sure and link back to this post for you. Thanks for playing along! :)

  12. Look at you making use of the little pieces! I love what you created!!!

  13. Love this little piece. I've been using my mug rug more lately than in the five years since I made it. I need to make some more.

  14. Oh this is just sensational! I have to apologize for not getting your link up until just now. Our weekend blizzard slowed out internet to a crawl and I couldn't update until now. Thanks for participating in Janet's baggie challenge and our monthly minis!!


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