Monday, November 8, 2021

Mail Call Monday - Surprise!

Welcome to another edition of Mail Call Monday!!  I've had a happy mailbox the past few weeks.

Wanna see???

First, this package from Kevin @ Kevin the Quilter (who is not currently blogging) arrived:

Inside was a story...

... And a copy of his Goodnight, Darlene pattern:

Oh!  Did you want to hear the story???

During the latter part of 2019, I won a prize drawing from Kevin's friend Lori @ Humble Quilts.  Potential winners left a comment about which of Kevin's patterns they would like to win.


At the time, I chose his Gracie Lu pattern.

Why wouldn't I???

I had a class scheduled with Kevin for April 2020 to learn his techniques for making Goodnight, Darlene.  I would get the pattern then.

You all KNOW what happened next!!!

The class with Kevin (and every other thing we had planned) got canceled.  That left me with no pattern to make Kevin's fabulous scrap quilt that I loved SEW much!   :o((

All's well that ends well (and patience is definitely a virtue.)  I contacted Kevin, and after a time, he managed to break away from the chickens and the airplane long enough to take a trip to the Post Office.  

THANK YOU, Kevin!!!

Then, a package arrived from Claning on Ravelry:

Inside was this darling hand pieced hexie project:

It had a story, too...

The following was found on the Quilters Knitting forum on Ravelry:

For Sale or Trade/Enable

Greetings! I have an “orphan” project that is looking for a new home.

I spent a fair amount of time this year finishing a piece of hexagon paper-piecing, just to be able to say I’d done it (and to learn a few of the subtleties). The hexes are about 1/2 inch on a side and the fabrics are mostly from an old fabric-sample book of curtain fabrics. (No idea what the fibers are; I did try to choose the less sleazy ones).

It’s now mounted on ivory cotton velveteen and all the basting and papers have been removed. The trouble is, the colors don’t suit me, or anything in my house.

I will happily ship it and add more of the velveteen. It would make a nice “show pillow” or tote bag. Free for the cost of postage.

Here's a closer look:

THANK YOU, Chris!!

I haven't decided what I will make from it.  The original intent was to finish it as a pillow for our new sofa.  Although, this may actually  end up being stretched on canvas or framed as an art piece.

Shortly after that package arrived, I learned that I had won another prize from Ann @ Fiber Designs by Ann.  She is an incredibly talented artist who enjoys sharing her work with her readers.  I feel fortunate to have received this little bundle in the mail:

These little beauties were nestled inside:

You can read a little about her process in THIS POST.

THANK YOU, Ann!!  I'm thrilled to have one gift taken care of for the upcoming holidays.  Looking at my photo above, these cards would make a lovely art piece, too.  I'll have to see what would work best for my intended recipient.

Until next time...
Hooray for happy mail!!


  1. Lucky you! Looks like a productive week at the mail box. Have a great week Joy.

  2. You have had lots of happy mail recently! That hexie piece is beautiful. It will be fun to see what you do with it!

  3. Merry Christmas! Hahaha! So glad you got your Kevin pattern. It's a beauty. Wish he was still active on the blogs too. I miss his chickens & dogs!

  4. What a lot of happy mail you received!
    And I got a giggle from your comment about Kevin breaking away from the chickens and the airplane. I miss that guy!

  5. SO many good things in the mail!

  6. I love it when it is a good mail week! lol These are beautiful items and I really liked hearing the stories! The greeting cards are adorable!

  7. You've been very lucky lately. I, too miss Kevin's blogging.

  8. Oh my, I so enjoyed this joyful post full of happy mail (as I had been a recipient lately and know how happy a thing that is). You will make wonderful things with all of them I know. I used to check out Kevin too and miss him. Happy Stitching, Joyful!


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