Monday, October 25, 2021

Mini Monday - Guild Challenge - Happiness Is

Welcome to another edition of Mini Monday!!!  Most of you had a chance to see bits and pieces of my 2021 Guild Challenge project over the last several weeks, but this is the full-on "How It Was Made" post for my records (and your viewing pleasure.)

Happiness Is...

My response to that prompt was the following:

A rainbow of colors and a handful of scraps!!!

I started with Light/Bright GREEN for October's Rainbow Scrap Challenge Color of the Month and added in the other Modern rainbow colors of bright pink, yellow, aqua, and purple required by the challenge guidelines:

I did have to...

... Do some switching around...

... To get the color balance that I was looking for:

My inspiration...

... Came from a link provided by Kat @ Scrapbox Quilts:

One of her links took me to the tutorial page @ I'm Feelin' Crafty...

... Where this Low Volume, Bright Contrast Crosses Postage Stamp Block for do Good Stitches caught my eye as the perfect starting point for use with my colorful scraps, along with a baggie of black and white prints which (if memory serves me correctly) I believe was a gift from Wanda @ Exuberant Color:

I changed things up to create a rectangular design:

Ultimately, I decided that the weight of the black plus would look better at the bottom of my little quilt:

More changes happened prior to assembly...

I really wanted to use this sweet snail print, but it didn't work:

This tonal MIGHT work...

... But what about this floral???

Well, THIS one certainly doesn't fit with the other green squares!!!

The purple...

Needed some consideration, as well:

The black Plus also needed a bit of work, too:

My good friend @britt_quilts helped with both of those selections and other Instagram friends got a preview of the following photo as a bit of a teaser.  It's my stack of squares, all ready to be sewn:

A week before the deadline, assembly began...

... But not without one final change to the squares in the corners:

This small pile of (leftover) scraps is all that remained on my cutting table from my original fabric pull:

Once I tucked those away, pressing came next...

... And was quickly followed by row assembly:

After a final press, my challenge entry was layered for...

... Some simple straight line quilting:

Apparently, as I was applying the binding I was also (unknowingly) playing a game of Bobbin Chicken, which I won:

This is my completed 12.5" x 15.5" mini quilt, which was well within the "No More Than 24" On a Side" Challenge rule:

Here is a close-up of the darling scraps included in my project:

And one last look, as it appeared on the table at our 1st in-person Quilt Guild meeting in a year and a half:

Whooping it up with Sarah



October's Monthly Mini

This project was also on my Fall 2021 (Ravelry) UFO Club List.  Check mark on another finish.  Whew!  What a good feeling that is.

Until next time...
Quilt for joy!!!


  1. Ooo, so pretty! Love the bright colors mixed with the black and white. That's a winner! LOL

  2. Ooh I was a little afraid as I read this post, Joyful. I could feel that feeling you get when you know you’re looking at something you’d love to make yourself. A whole lot of low volume scraps with those pretty brights. Have I got the scraps? You betcha. Meanwhile, a delightful mini finish!

  3. Fun to read about your process here, Joy, and see your fun scraps close up! Those black on white prints really set off the brights - I wish I had some in my stash. (Stash enhancement time maybe!) That is a great mini!

  4. It's fun to arrange and rearrange fabrics, isn't it?!

  5. This is adorable!
    Good call lowering the black block, and your colors just sing from the low volume background squares.
    Nice job!


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