Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Wonderful Wednesday - The Quilty Week That Was

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  Last week began and ended in the company of friends.  In person.  I shared the highlights in THIS POST over the weekend, but wait!

There's more...

DH built this new 8-cube storage system to house more of my fabric stash.  The Big Board is laid on top and the cubbies serve as the base for my Pressing Station:

If you are keeping track, this is the third iteration of that space!

Britt came over on Sunday to help put another layer of stuff away in the new studio.  She also put the cutting table to use and says that she will NEVER trim a quilt on the floor again!  She plans to bring ALL her quilts here for squaring up:

That works for me!

Inspired by her trimming success, I trimmed one of my UFOs and (thanks to Britt's ruler) I also cut binding for that very same project:

While I added fabrics to NEW cubbies, Britt wrapped my light neutrals (along with some of my black and white prints) on comic book boards and stored them away in this built-in cabinet:

We make a very good team, as evidenced by the five EMPTY tubs which were (mostly) full of fabric when she arrived:

The rainbow gods approved and I found the sign (shown below) on my living room wall:

Pineapples on Thursday...

My main goal was to find a new border print for Rainbow, Baby! so that I can finish it up once the longarm is fixed:

I found frogs for a friend...

... And enjoyed some Pineapple fun...

... With members of my Weekly Quilt Group:

Thanks to Candy's eagle eye, the "Pound Table" yielded a new option for the backing:

Once again, the rainbow gods approved with this sign on my dining room floor when I got home:

Shopping the stash on Friday...

Knittingsuek came over:

I pulled out every basket, bin, and drawer to find a rainbow of scraps for Sue's new project:

Before she left, I surprised her with the frog fabric I bought at Pineapple Fabrics:

Armed with a rainbow of fabric scraps, she is ready to tackle her next project:

What a wonderful week it was!!

Until next time...
Friendship makes the world a brighter place!!!


  1. Having trimmed many quilts on the floor, I know exactly what Britt is talking about! How nice to have that big cutting surface, Joy! Your Rainbow Baby is so full of fun and color - love it. Having quilty friends, and being able to spend time with them, is priceless!

  2. I'm too old for trimming quilts on the floor. They get trimmed on the dining table or I take them to work and do on the conference table. The conference table is also great for basting quilts. I'd better not give up work any time soon! It looks like a great week.

  3. So much fun ALL WEEK! I'm looking forward to my next trip to Pineapple Fabrics!

  4. I love how it is all coming together!! Go you!!

  5. I have a feeling once word gets out on that cutting table you will have more friends stopping by! Good progress all around.

  6. So glad you got some help in unpacking, and how wonderful your rainbow signs of approval! Can you hear your fans cheering you on? :D Yay for the quilt shop fun!

  7. What a great week! Fun to have a friend help put things away. I love a higher cutting stations and am so happy when trimming a bit quilt on one. What a great week and glad the rainbow gods confirmed it.

  8. Now that's a perfect week. Signed by the Rainbow Gods too. Awesome friends you have to help you to unpack but then again, you are an awesome friend too. ;^)

  9. I need a friend like you! I would gladly help pet, put away fabric for the use of a big cutting table. I am getting "too old" for crawling around on the floor.

  10. It looks like a perfect week--all work is better with a friend! (or two)

  11. Hi Joy, I came over from MQI NTT party to admire your scrappy rail quilt which doesn’t have the right link for your blog. This pattern is so great for using up the fun scraps isn’t it. You’ve been very busy in your studio and it’s looking good. I may need to borrow Britt.

  12. I have a cube system that we put together for my cutting station. You will be amazed how much you can store in it!! We are all looking forward to seeing your new studio:)

  13. Appropriately another happy post from the girl named Joy. Love to read what you are up to. Lots of happy stitching. Good luck with your SAL finishings...lovely projects there. I too have to be in the mood and that is my excuse for wanting a little variety of projects to choose from.


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