Monday, May 31, 2021

Mini Monday - IG InspiRED

Welcome to another edition of Mini Monday!!  I've got a story for you.  Be fair warned.  It was a total DrEAMI moment.  Wonder of wonders, I finished this post just in time to join Sandra @ Mmm Quilts for her monthly Link Party!

Here's the story...

It was early May.  The 3rd, to be exact.  The National Quilt Museum was celebrating its 30th anniversary.  A new IG (That's Instagram, for those not in the know.) post each day of a quilt from its collection for the entire year.  That day, the selection from a couple days earlier caught my eye and made me want to make it RIGHT THEN!!!

I chose fabrics from my scrap bin and posted my own photo to Instagram:

By that afternoon, I had my HSTs all sewn up:

A few days later, I arranged the layout during my Zoom call with LeeAnna @ Not Afraid of Color:

We discussed the project and what the designer's reaction might be to my enthusiastic response to her quilt.  Later that day, I decided to find out by messaging @ccpquilt on Instagram.  She is a phenomenal is a longarm quilter, as well as a generous human being!  She had no problem with me posting my small version of her quilt. You can find out more about Christine Perrigo @ Contemporary Custom Quilting her website.  Plan to be amazed!

Fast forward a couple more days and the rows were sewn:

In true Joyful fashion, the quilt top sat for several weeks, as I concentrated on other projects.  However, when I found myself with some open space at the bottom of a quilting marathon, I loaded it on...

... And quilted it up using my channel lock:

Then it sat for a few days while waiting to be trimmed up:

If you look closely, you can see it near the top of this pile of freshly trimmed quilts.  These are the quilts from that marathon session I mentioned:

Enter the All-Star Sampler Platter from The Global Quilt Connection...

During a break between classes, I chose binding for the RED quilts:

Early last week, I attached...

And sewed down the binding, using clips to hold the folded edge in place:

When it was complete I took it for a tour, to see where it fit best...

I started outside for a photo in natural light:

Afterwards, I took it back upstairs to see if it had hopes for being a Gallery Wire Mini, whether horizontally...

... Or vertically, as my inspiration piece:

It had other ideas...

When a quilt speaks, makers should listen.  This quilt wanted to be a table topper for my 2nd entry for the May 2021 TABLE SCRAP Challenge:

While it looks really pretty...

However, I couldn't stand the thought of getting coffee rings on this piece!


I tried it as a Kitchen Quilt and it felt right at home:

10" x 12"


Christine's original 50" x 70" quilt will be on view in the "Modern Quilt Guild Retrospective" exhibit through July 27, 2021.

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  1. What a lovely quilt and so neat to see your process! Have a safe and happy holiday!

  2. What a pretty finish! Love those colors.

  3. It emerged a winner! It had to fight to be made.

  4. I love this one! The red really pops. ~Jeanne

  5. Good thing you started early in the month. It seems the month always runs out before I get my act together, especially during garden season. But then, you finished not one runner for Table Scraps, but two.

  6. That is really a sweet little quilt! Ah, coffee rings! Good thing they're washable, right? :)

  7. It’s really sweet! So where will it reside? Kitchen, gallery or chair side. Where ever, it’s perfect!

  8. Oh, what a stunning wall hanging! Very modern!

  9. What a delight for the eyes! I can see how this piece grabbed your attention. Like you, I can't stand the thought of coffee or food stains on pretty mug rugs or placemats. I turn these table covers to the back when in use. This has saved me much consternation. Now, if I can just teach my husband to do this.

  10. That's beautiful, Joy! I love the pops of red mixed with grays, and the straight line quilting. Looks great where you hung it, too!

  11. What a sweet little quilt and with a lovely story. Looks good on that wall & why spoil it with coffee stains. Thanks for sharing & take care.

  12. Can't believe how quickly you made the quilt. It looks fantastic! Love the combination of grey and red. Yes, it does look right at home.


  13. I am ALWAYS up for a good quilt story and yours does not disappoint! Love that you talked with Christine to let her know she’d inspired your mini and I love where the mini told you it needed to be—it’s perfect. Thanks for linking up with DrEAMI as this is a quintessential one!

  14. Love the final spot you found for your quilt, Joy!!!

  15. What a lovely mini quilt. Thank you for linking up to Show Me Something!

  16. That is a beautiful mini replica!


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