Monday, May 24, 2021

Mail Call Monday - Scraps from the Glade {and More}

Welcome to another edition of Mail Call Monday!!  A couple of weeks ago, I got a text from a friend.  She included this photo:

Last week, that friend, Libby @ Life on the Hill, mailed me a box of scraps:

They were packed in pretty tight:

I was thrilled to see there were RED scraps for this month's RSC:

Thank you, Libby!!  I SEW appreciate these scraps from your sewing room.  I've already put two of the RED fabrics to work!  This beautiful floral one has been used up, with only 2 strings remaining:

MORE scraps made their way into the studio...

I also found these two bags of scraps from Ella and Candy when I was unloading my quilting things after this month's Sew/Craft Friends-zy event:

There are some fun RED prints in Candy's bag:

Sorry for the delay in posting, ladies.  I really do appreciate the steady stream of scraps you supply!  It appears that these bits and pieces have ridden around in my car for a month.  Oops!!  They got buried under the Junior Quilter's "car blanket" after our mid-April meeting at Maggie's and I didn't see them sitting there waiting to be taken inside for sorting.  :o((

The biggest surprise...

This arrived from Andee @ The Modern Diary the other day:

Andee went a little crazy with the making of her Humble Quilts 2021 Quilt Swap project.  After making the fourth iteration of her design, she decided to host a giveaway and I was the lucky winner!!  (Thank you, Andee!!)

I present the latest addition to my gallery wire:

Let's get a little closer so you can see all the sweet prints Andee included:

My favorite block (check out the original quilting plan) is shown below:

This shot shows Andee's mini with a couple of its new friends:

It looks perfectly at home on my gallery wire, Andee.  Thank you, again!  Your "reject" from the Humble Quilts 2021 Quilt Swap will always have a home here in my studio.

Until next time...
Feeling SEW lucky!!!


  1. What fun to get your mail each week! The LC blocks on your mini wire is adorable!

  2. Oh you will have such fun with all those scraps!!! And what a beautiful Quilt gift!

  3. So many pretty scraps! Love Andee's quilt.

  4. I'm having envy of your scrap giving friends... and yet happy for you

  5. What wonderful mail! When I first looked at your prize quilt I saw an O, H, and I. Maybe because I'm from Ohio?

  6. Whoohoo! More scraps! Andee's mini quilt is really ... mini! Wow! These little strips of gorgeous fabrics must be really small but they make such a big impression. Lucky girl! ;^)

  7. So many scraps, so little time! Ha! What an adorable mini quilt!


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