Monday, May 17, 2021

Mail Call Monday - Spinning in Circles

Welcome to another edition of Mail Call Monday!!  You heard about one package yesterday, but I got another one earlier in the week.

Angie @ Quilting on the Crescent had replied to a comment I left on her blog with the following:

On a completely different note, I know you hang out with some knitters....

A week or so later, this box arrived:

Hmm...  What could it be???

Here is the rest of the story...

I have a hand-made drop-spindle and some roving that are in search of a new home.  I suck at spinning, and I don't think I'll ever be struck with the desire to perfect that particular skill.  Do you know anyone who might like to have these items?  Free, and I'll even pay the shipping.  Let me know!
Happy Friday!

To which I responded:

Absolutely!  Thanks, Angie! You can mail them to me and I'll rehome them when my Knit Group starts meeting again.
Or... maybe I'll give spinning another try. :o))

This is the note that Angie included:

Oh, what fabulously colorful roving was in the box...

... Along with some snowy white roving...

... And...

... This beautiful handmade wooden spindle:

Notice the lovely bulky weight yarn that Angie had begun to spin!!

Thank you for thinking of me, Angie!  I'm excited to see if I can spin, again.  It's been several years since I took a spinning class and haven't practiced since.  With the mask mandate lifted, my Knit Group may even start meeting in person again soon, so if I can't, I'm sure that one of my friends will give it a whirl.  :o))

Until next time...
What wooly wonders!!


  1. Fun, fun, fun. I've never given spinning a try. Good luck!

  2. I finally got rid of my drop spindle; I just couldn't seem to master it. That beautiful roving should convince someone to try it! ~Jeanne

  3. What fun! The best friend of one of my kids gave me a drop spindle along with wool last year and taught me how to spin with it. It's so enjoyable.


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