Wednesday, May 26, 2021

The Guest Blogger - Vol. 12 - Jane from Australia

Welcome to another edition of The Guest Blogger(s)!!  I've just heard from Jane in Australia. She's here to share her May 2021 TABLE SCRAPS Challenge entry.

Jane had the following to say...

My Table Scraps runner for May started out with a friend giving me a piece of decor weight fabric (curtains?) and challenging me to use it. I decided not to cut it small and have lots of thick seams, so I pulled scraps in matching colours and embarked on working out the process for braids which join each other lengthwise. I had seen a couple of pics here and there but no name or directions. I have made a Pioneer or Friendship Braid quilt, but that is one braid repeated then joined with a long seam to the next braid.

The only way I could figure to do it was with partial seams- LOTS of partial seams. Actually if there is an easy way to sew this, I don’t think I want to hear about it now!

I made the braid long enough that I could take off a piece and insert it in the back piece from my friend.

This made the runner reversible, and the exact length I wanted for my table. (The pics are actually on the floor as my hubby has the table temporarily covered with model trains.) The runner is big stitch quilted by hand with perle cotton. If you or any readers know the name of this pattern please let me know.

Thanks for the challenge,
I love to see all the entries at the end of the month.

Challenge accepted.  Challenge met!!!

Well done, Jane.  Thank you for sharing this colorful table runner with us!  I am SEW pleased to be able to share your work here on the blog.  I will happily do the same for others who aren't able to directly join the link party.

Share the quilty love for Jane's project in the comments below.  I know that you enjoyed seeing her table runner as much as I did!  Be sure to let us know the name of the pattern, too, if you are familiar with it.  Thank you, again, Jane!

Link Party Reminder...

The May 2021 TABLE SCRAPS Link Party will be open this coming (U.S. Memorial Day holiday) weekend with extended hours!!  Friday, May 28th @ 12:01 AM - MONDAY, May 31st @ 11:59 PM.  I'm hoping that YOU will join us.

Until next time...
Run(ner) off those empty tables!!!


  1. For Jane: Check out the YouTube video called "How to Sew a Broken Herringbone Patchwork" here:
    Yes, it's lots of partial seams.

    1. Thanks Vireya, I had NO idea of how to search for the pattern. So much work though I think it should be Double Herringbone Panel, not Broken 😉🙄

  2. That’s what I say too Vireya. Broken Herringbone

    1. Thanks for the name of the pattern and the link too. I would not have guessed what to search for. I’m pleased to have made the runner but do not plan on making anything bigger in this pattern. 😊

    2. Thanks for the name of the pattern and the link too. I would not have guessed what to search for. I’m pleased to have made the runner but do not plan on making anything bigger in this pattern. 😊

  3. Love this runner Jane. Looks fabulous.

  4. Jane, you persevered splendidly with the partial seams ! What determination. Great tablerunner. Love all your blends of background pieces.

  5. Jane, this is gorgeous and worth all of those partial seams! ~Jeanne

  6. Jane, I chuckled when you said your table was temporarily being used for hubby's model trains. My dining room table has been covered with political campaign memorabilia for months. PS to Joy, I have about 20" of binding to sew down and my May Table Scraps will be done. I'll send picture later today.

  7. Those Y seams were worth it because your runner turned out fabulous! Thanks for sharing it with us, Jane :)

  8. No matter how you seamed it, you have a beautiful runner to use-wow!

  9. Pretty result, even though those seams probably tried your patience. A nice touch to include a section of braid in the back.


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