Monday, April 5, 2021

Mini Monday - DrEAMI Moment - Small Seascape Series

Welcome to another edition of Mini Monday!!  I'm stopping by today to confess that I just MIGHT have lost my mind.  Have YOU found it?  Sandra @ Mmm Quilts would call this a DrEAMI moment, but I missed the Link Party.  Drop Everything And Make It!!

Here's what happened...

After making my quilt for the Salt and Sand Blog Hop, I turned my attention to the fabric pull (for what I thought was going to be) my prize giveaway project for the Hop:

I soon put that first set aside and pulled another...

... And began working on a small seascape quilt:

I cut free form curves and stitched them together...

... To create wet sand and the beginning of the sea:

Next, I tried another technique...

... To level out the waves a bit:

This is my attempt at (my understanding of) Britt_Quilts technique:

Somehow, I managed to cut the final curve backwards:

Then, it was time to add the horizon and sky:

I scrounged for some coordinating scraps to create a quilt back...

... And layered this small seascape for quilting:

I used all these threads on this 6" x 7" mini:

I present SS#1, the first piece in what has turned out to be a series:

My only regret is that the pieced backing is abundantly evident because of the low loft batting scrap that I used for layering:

Little did I know when I finished that piece that I wasn't done with miniature landscape quilts!  I was SEW in the zone that I didn't even take a photo of the fabric pull for SS#2:

The quilting also went quickly:

Mmm... Matchstick quilting is SEW perfect for this piece:

At 6" x 8" this is the largest piece in the series:

Again, there were MANY thread changes:

And then, I did it, again...

... Only smaller!!  At 6" wide x 5.5" tall, here is SS#3:

This is getting a LITTLE ridiculous...

I still didn't share the fabric pull prior to getting to work on this one:

SS#4 finally used some smaller scraps and I kept this one a bit on the chunkier side, but it still managed to look like a seascape:

Even in the 5.5" square, I used NINE different thread colors:


There may (read as WILL definitely) be more to come.  Oh, and some finishing, but I haven't decided exactly HOW to I want to do that, yet.

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(On Friday!)

Until next time...
Ride the WAVE!!!


  1. It looks like you're having so much fun trying those different seascapes, Joy! Each one is so unique and creative. Love these!

  2. Your "sky" fabric makes it work! And, yes, you have lost your mind.

  3. You are so creative, Joy! Those minis are really pretty.

  4. You make the process look so effortless! Your little landscapes are charming.

  5. Playing can be so much fun! What a lovely series!

  6. So many times I repeat a project because I wonder what would happen if....good for you-! These are all beautiful!

  7. i think those fabrics really got under your skin haha! These are awesome - and I love that you kept working with them!


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