Sunday, April 11, 2021

Sew Some Love Sunday - LWR - Lucky (Quilt) Number Thirteen

Welcome to another edition of Sew Some Love Sunday!!  It's been a couple of weeks since I've provided an update of the ongoing Lutheran World Relief Mission Drive here at The Joyful Quilter.

The story of quilt Number Thirteen...

Mari @ The Academic Quilter provided the quilt top, backing, AND binding for this beautiful quilt:

The batting was contributed by Suzanne in Alaska.  There may or may not be enough left from the roll for one more quilt.  That roll has been living at Britt's house, so she will check to see if she can eke out another quilt's worth from what remains.  It has been such a good filler for these quilts:

Quilt Number Thirteen...

Britt did the quilting and binding.  She presented the completed quilt this past week at our first in-person (outdoor) Weekly Quilt Group meeting held in many months:

Thank you to Mari, Suzanne, and Britt for the awesome teamwork toward the making of this completed quilt!  Each of you ladies share in the success of the LWR Quilt Drive.  Thanks SEW much!

Until next time...
SEW some love!!!


  1. W😍W!!! What a beautiful quilt!!! Great teamwork, too! Go, quilters!

  2. A beautiful finish for the team!

  3. Yay for Mari, Suzanne, and Britt! That is a pretty finish. Glad you got to meet with your Guild.

  4. The quilting turned out great! Congratulations on the in person meeting, too. It must have felt great to be able to be with friends again. That's quite the pretty stack of quilts!

  5. When are you going to ship them and do you need postage?

  6. This is a very beautiful quilt!!!! I love the work they shared.

  7. That is a wonderful quilt Mari donated. Well done for the finish

  8. Gorgeous piecing and fabulous quilting! Another winner winner chicken dinner :)


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