Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Quarantine Chronicles - COVID Nurse Quilt Project for Wake Med

Welcome to another edition of the Quarantine Chronicles!!  It's been quite some time since my last update.  Today, I'm here in conjunction with my Tidy-Up Tuesday post series because this is a wrap-up post for a small Quilt Drive that I recently helped with.  It was my way of responding to Sarah's appeal for quilts for our Hometown Heroes during this year's Hands2Help Comfort Quilt Challenge going on at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.  There's still plenty of time for YOU to jump on board with H2H at the link provided above.

Here's what happened...

I got an email:

Hi Joy, 
Hope your family and quilting friends are doing well.   I am in need of quilting help.  Our Carolina Arbors quilting group volunteered to make lap quilts for the COVID Unit Nurses at Wake Med because a members son was part of that group.  He said 30-40 people at first then came up with 53 which we thought we could handle.  Well today she got a call to tell her how many men were in the group and the number as grown to 73.  We were good at managing 53 but she is in a panic now that the number increased by 20 more.
I was wondering if any of your group or guild would like to contribute to this cause.  I would be happy to collect them.  Thanks for spreading the word.

To which I replied...

What size and style quilts are you looking for? Lap quilt is a bit of a general term, Karen. Members always ask for an appropriate size range. I will ask around for contributions for your cause.

My request went out...

I recently received an email from Karen @ G's Quilt and Craft Retreat in Hillsborough. Her Carolina Arbors quilt group volunteered to make lap quilts for the COVID nurses @ Wake Med because a member's son was part of that group.


He thought there were 30 - 40 people who would be receiving quilts. That number has since grown to 73 and they are in a panic. Karen wondered if any DOQ members might have any lap quilts to contribute to the cause. If so, you can get them to me and I will pass them along to Karen.


They had originally hoped to gather the quilts by March 1st, but with the increase in recipients, they will take the quilts whenever they can get them.  Simple patterns are just fine. Your quilts should measure in the range of 45 x 64 to 56 x 70 to suit adult females.


Please contact me, if you have an appropriately sized quilt to donate.


Thank you!

Then, the quilts and tops came rolling in...

A completed quilt from Ruth B:

These two quilts were contributed by Maggie S:

Candy provided these two quilts from Ruth S:

The quilts above were delivered and I collected the following...

Cheryl K. donated this quilt top:

These two completed quilts came from Diane H:

Reversible?!  Yep!  Side one shown above and side two below:

The following quilt tops were donated by Jean F. and quilted and bound by Karen G. and friends:

Then another quilter answered the call...

Gayle S, a COVID survivor who lost her husband to the virus, offered these two cheerful quilts:

I quilted this quilt from Cheryl K:

Unfortunately, these last three quilts didn't end up making their way to Wake Med.  They will be used for some other cause.

A note of thanks...

Karen dropped off Thank You notes which I distributed at our first In-Person meeting in a number of months.

Here's mine...

The quiltmakers and I greatly appreciated Karen's thoughtfulness and we were SEW happy to be able to contribute to the COVID Nurse Quilt Project for Wake Med!

A thank you from me, too...

I really do have THE BEST quilting friends.  Thank you to everyone who contributed to this local-ish call for quilts.  I also want to thank the DOQ for their willingness to step in with more quilts, if needed.

Sharing with Sarah

Until next time...
Quilty Hugs for Hometown Heroes!!


  1. What a beautiful way of saying thanks!

  2. An impressive achievement. A big salute to everyone who helped with the effort.

  3. You know, I am proud to be a quilter. They always step up and get it done in a gorgeous way, unselfishly. It gives me even more motivation to keep quilting and giving. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a great story! Good results and heartwarming that you got so many to contribute.

  5. Wow! What a great response to your quilt drive. Hugs to Gayle. Her quilts are bright and cheery.

  6. What a wonderful story! I love how your friends rose to the occasion and donated so many gorgeous quilts :)

  7. That is awesome, Joy! I'm always so impressed with quilters who can finish up something quickly and send it off where there's a need. Kudos to your group!

  8. That’s a fantastic response. Well done everyone..

  9. This is a touching story, Joy!
    Well done everyone!!


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