Sunday, April 4, 2021

Sew Some Love Sunday - Pineapple Pieces - Whoops!!!

Welcome to another edition of Sew Some Love Sunday!!  I thought we might have a new LWR report today, but we should be back on track for next week.  There is another charity quilt on my mind today.  It's a bit of a story, though.

You see...

This week, my longarm locked up.  I'm not even sure how it happened.  The basting process isn't normally a point of failure.  That's where I was in the process.  Unbelievable!

What did you do, Joyful???

I exercised my "Phone a Friend option."  APQS Customer Service to the rescue!  :o))

They responded to my message within an appropriate amount of time.  My technician was kind enough not to laugh a me when I had trouble explaining just where the problem was.  (I'm not mechanically inclined and the laundry list of machine parts refused to flow off my tongue.)  She was thorough with her instructions and followed up with an email concerning exactly what needed to be checked.  I took care of the portion of the instructions that I was comfortable with handling and waited for my in-house maintenance crew to take care of the rest.

Days later...

The wayward thread was finally pulled from where it had wound itself around and behind the bobbin casing hook assembly.  DH buttoned up the machine head and I made sure that all the various oiling spots had been oiled.  Once again, the flywheel turned freely.


My Weekly Quilt Group's Pineapple Pieces Quilt, which I had hoped to showcase today, is still on the frame.  Unquilted.  :o((

As tends to happen...

I'm feeling traumatized by this mechanical malfunction.  My ineptitude with all things mechanical frustrates me, as does my trepidation about "getting back on the horse" after a fall.

No worries...

I'll put on my big girl pants in a day or two and get back to quilting!

For now, I'll leave you with a look at the Pineapple Pieces quilt that I had hoped to deliver during my stop at Pineapple Fabrics (to celebrate my 2nd Covid vaccine) on Wednesday.  It would have been perfect, as the program drew to a close that day.  When I inquired, the worker said that it wouldn't be a problem that our quilt was delayed.  Especially since they won't be receiving  stack of blocks, but a completed quilt.

About that quilt, Joyful...

Yes.  I didn't forget.  Here's the quilt waiting to be quilted:

It's going to be SEW cute!!  Some child at the hospital in Winston Salem is going to be comforted by all the care that my quilting friends poured into each block.  That same child is going to be amused by fun blocks that some of the members incorporated...

Lizards and turtles:


And - not that the patient will be old enough to know who this is, but - The Pink Panther:

Stay tuned...

The quilt will soon be completed.

Until next time...
SEW Some Love!!!


  1. Well, considering you were ill part of last week I'd say take a deep breath and let it out. Tomorrow is a new day and I'm thinking that quilt is going to behave perfectly for you - all those cute critters can't wait to be snuggled. Hope you all had a good day and a Happy Easter.

  2. Sounds frustrating, Joy, and I would be in the same boat as you with not being mechanically inclined! It's great that you had some good customer service help and now your pineapple quilt can be finished up. Those pineapples are so cute!

  3. That is aggravating to have machine problems but so glad you was able to get the problem resolved quickly. Love the pineapple quilt and that Pink Panther fabric rocks. Happy quilting.

  4. So glad you got your machine fixed! I love that pineapple quilt! :) Have a great week!

  5. Thank goodness you are back on track with your longarm. Most kids, if not all, love I Spy quilts and this one looks amazing. I hope you had a nice weekend. ~Jeanne

  6. Did you get a manual with the machine? If so, manuals usually have a drawing of the machine with all the parts' name. Turn to that page when you need to call the technician, it might help you. The best part about this story is that you have learned. Good job! Now, on to more pleasant things. ;^)

  7. I am mechanically inclined and it is still intimidating with the big quilting machines; don't feel bad! This quilt is amazing! What a great idea!

  8. I'm so sorry you had mechanical trouble! Very frustrating, for sure. I had one bobbin that kept jamming in the bobbin holder and I never could figure out why. So I just tossed it in the trash can! One bobbin isn't worth the headache it was giving me :P

    Looking forward to seeing that darling pineapple quilt all finished :)

  9. Oh, dear. Mechanical issues with the longarm on top of a bad reaction to your vaccine. And yet, you still accomplished a lot last week. While I'm not particularly mechanically inclined (and neither is my husband) my greatest frustration comes from technology-related issues, hence my lack of a blog and or knowing how to do some basic online maneuvers. Now that you and your machine are feeling better you can get back to being super productive. Have a great week.

  10. Cute quilt. I love all the "I Spy" fabrics hidden in the pineapples!


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