Monday, April 12, 2021

Mail Call Monday - Spring 2021 Quilty Orphan Adoption - The Extended Version

Welcome to another edition of Mail Call Monday!!  Today's post is the (indirect) result of the Spring 2021 Quilty Orphan Adoption Event hosted Cynthia @ Quilting is more fun that Housework.

You see, Erin @ My Patchwork Life found that she had quite a few more block sets than she had entered in the Orphan Adoption.  Upon making this discovery, she offered up THIRTEEN (13) additional block sets to assuage her "quilty guilt".

I "put my name in the hat" by commenting...
I need to make two 60 x 80-inch quilts for Lutheran World Relief. I will take any of the blocks sets to build a quilt around. Thanks, Erin!

... And later got the following email from Erin:

Joy, set G is headed your way once I have a mailing address.  :)

Only a short time later, the package at the top of the post arrived and inside was a stack of blocks with this cute card:

Erin had written a quick note:

I have to say, I'm a little concerned about how I might be able to stretch these 8 blocks to meet my original intent:

I tried this layout before I remembered where I had told Erin these blocks would be going:

Another layout gave the blocks a little more breathing room:

I'm wondering if Erin would mind my transforming them into a Chemo Quilt instead?!?!?  That seems like a more reasonable goal.


I feel (somewhat) obligated to make the quilt that I intended to make.  You know, BEFORE knowing that I would receive only a small lot of blocks!  Decisions, decisions.


As I sat and stewed over this dilemma, I decided to send Erin the following email (instead of just wondering) to see what she thinks:

I'm feeling conflicted. I originally said that I needed to make two 60 x 80 lap quilts for Lutheran World Relief. Forgetting that fact, I thanked you for the blocks for H2H. Do you even care if I switch up the recipient? I am having a hard time figuring out how to stretch the 8 blocks received into such a large quilt for LWR. That being said, I was also hoping to make a quilt for Quilty Hugs for Happy Chemo. Are you on board with this change?
Please advise.

Her response confirmed my suspicions...

Please don’t be conflicted!  Use them however makes most sense to you. I just want them to be used in the spirit that they were given (for charity). Thanks for checking, though.
Be well!

Out of curiosity...

What would YOU do to make these eight blocks grow into a large lap quilt???  I welcome your thoughts and suggestions.

Until next time...
Adopt a QUILTY Orphan!!!


  1. You could alternate with plain blocks, or another simple block, like a nine patch or snowball. You could also enlarge those blocks by putting sashing around them, log cabin style, until they were big enough.

  2. If you have a print that works with those blocks you could cut a rectangle of that fabric and set the blocks in the corners and middle of a border going around the print.
    Or arrange the blocks with plain alternate blocks, keeping the pieced blocks towards the center of the quilt.
    Log cabining to enlarge the blocks sounds good too.

  3. Make some more blocks of similar prints and go for it-or use them as is for a lap quilt alternating blocks with plain ones! You're a quilter-you can do this!


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