Friday, April 30, 2021

Design Floor Friday - April Sew/Craft Friends-zy

Welcome to a new edition of Design Floor Friday!!!  Earlier this month, I braved the first Sew/Craft Friends-zy event in many months.  With everyone fully vaccinated, the church where we meet finally opened up for a select number of people.  I'm not sure what that number is, but there were fewer than a dozen crafters in attendance.  Special thanks to Tiffany for arranging the event!

Three Super Scrapbookers at the one end of the hall...

And Five Busy Quilters at the other...

What was everyone working on, Joyful???

Lisa was working on a 20 year old UFO:

For the first example of design floor use, Carol was layering a quilt:

Tiffany cut out a new class sample:

Lois worked on a UFO...

... Before switching to a donation quilt:

Lisa was amazed that all the pieces were still intact:

Let the pinning begin:

The picture of organization:

Lisa used the design floor to assess how far she got before abandoning this gorgeous Broken Star project made from her DH's old shirts:

Since Britt opted out, I brought my die cutter to work on the triangles for our Swap Quilt, so she would be with us in spirit:

With pieces all cut and labeled, Tiffany is ready to sew:

Lois is the picture of productivity today, as she moves on to her 3rd project:

Lisa is making more diamonds from her carefully preserved strip sets:


The main reason this was released as a Design Floor Friday post:

I used the open floor space to test out several layouts for my H2H project, including this one (using the 20 full blocks I've made) which would require choosing an alternate block or background fabric:

Set like Sarah's instructions, I would need to make more blocks:

Finally, this 32 block option needing a few more "logs" added:

It was good to see what I'm up against and over the course of the last few weeks, I've worked on finishing those blocks and squaring up the ones that have been brought up to size.  I'm getting close to being able to choose a layout based on the requirement of my chosen charity.

Looking forward...

This event was not without stress, as it felt strange to be in a group of people after so many months of "self-isolation", but I'm excited to see these friends again in another couple of weeks.  YOU can look forward to another update sometime after then.  There may even be a few more quilting friends working away that day, as we move toward a return to "normal."

Until next time...
Go SEW!!!


  1. I love those blocks you made for your H2H quilt, Joy! The dark blue centers with yellow strings are a great combination. Here's hoping we feel more and more comfortable meeting with our favorite groups of people again!

  2. Love those sunflower log cabin blocks. They will be super sewn together. Can't wait to sew with others. I did a small quilt retreat in March and it was heavenly.

  3. I know what you mean! Our Devo group is finally getting to meet again in May, but only with bag lunch. Still, it will be wonderful to get back together again.

  4. Ah! It was so good to see the gang again. I've missed seeing all their projects. Lisa has a gorgeous one. And so do you! I love yellow and blue. Not sure I would go with the alternate block layout but that's not for me to say. I'm sure you will make it work. Enjoy! ;^)

  5. Love your H2H project! It's like sunshine on a quilt! So happy you could sew with your buddies!

  6. I love your H2H blocks. The hardest part of that quilt may be deciding on a layout. ;) So glad you were able to attend in person!!!! ~Jeanne

  7. I love your yellow and navy scrap quilt, Joy!!! Looks joyful!

  8. Your H2H project is looking good. Our quilt group is resuming next Saturday. Bring your own snack instead of sharing. I expect a very big show and tell session. Some of our gals have been very busy.

  9. The broken Star quilt is superb. I really like the log cabin variation you are working on!!!!


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