Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Wonderful Wednesday - Pin Cushion Party

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  Today, I'm here for a Pin Cushion Party!  I wanted to say thank you to a couple of quilting friends.  What better way than with a handmade pin cushion?  Well, a mug rug would have worked, too.  :o))

Selina @ Selina Quilts offloaded SEW kindly shared her scraps with me.  When I inquired about what I might make as a thank you gift, she expressed an interest in a "Selina Scrappy" pin cushion like I made for the Show Your Stripes Blog Hop.  That sounded easy enough and I knew just what I wanted to do!!

Here's the making of Jumbo Scrappy...

It started with a slice of Selina's stripy scrap and grew from there:

This is Jumbo with Junior Scrappy:

Pinned and ready for quilting:

Quilted, much the same way that Junior was:

Another gift soon followed...

The second gift is for Linda @ Art in Search.  I've been meaning to make something for her for several years.  This year's Valentine tipped the hand in Linda's favor.  Since I wanted the gift to be a surprise, I had to be subtle with my inquiries as to what she might like.  Here's hoping that my Rainbow Bright Pin Cushion brightens her day!  It was made at the same time that I was making my March TABLE SCRAPS entry:

Here it is all layered up...

 ... For quilting, which soon followed:

While I was at it...

I also made a Big Red Pin Cushion from the offcuts of a Quilted Scrap Basket:

Pin Cushion Party!!!  Waiting for additional stuffing:

Gifts, finished and ready for mailing... Right after Show and Tell:

I can't believe this is the ONLY completed photo that I have!!  :o((

Once the gifts were mailed off...

I gave myself permission to finish Big Red:


Selina's pin cushion arrived and she loves it.  She sent this photo to show how happy Scrappy was meeting the other new member of the family:

I'm still waiting to hear from Linda.  (Sorry to spoil the surprise, if you read this BEFORE opening your Happy Mail, Linda!)  She lives a bit farther away from me than Selina does, so I'm still remaining hopeful that her package didn't get lost in the mail.


Thankfully, Linda's package wasn't lost in the mail, her email did get lost in cyberspace.  (No worries, Linda!)  Prompted by a "Got Happy Mail???" comment that I left on her blog, here's the second email:

I am sorry. I sent an email to you on Sunday thanking you for the delightful gift and surprise. I just checked my sent box and it went out, but it must have got lost in cyber space.
I am using it and loving it for my flower pins.
Thank you again!

Oh!  I found another photo of the gifty pin cushions...

This is me, showing LeeAnna @ Not Afraid of Color the completed pair during last week's Quilt Talk Zoom meeting:

Sharing with Kelly


With Cynthia
(On Sunday)
Until next time...
(Pin Cushion) Party on!!!


  1. Nice ending to the pin cushion stories!!! Very pretty!

  2. Very cheerful! I can see the recipients smiling each time they look at and use the pin cushions. You are doing a great job of mastering the scraps.

  3. I have to say that a rectangular pincushion makes so much sense. I can snug it right against the front of my machine and the pins are spread out instead of being jammed in a small round shape. The many color flower heads have fun with the scrappy colors on the top of the pincushion. Thanks again for such a happy surprise!

  4. Love your pin cushions - that long size is great.

  5. Always love a happy ending. Great gifts. ;^)

  6. You make the best pincushions! I just sewed up the last little bits of my SAHRR into a small scrappy slab. I bet I could turn that into a pincushion! 👍

  7. Those are fun pincushions, Joyful. What do you stuff them with? I've heard of batting, scraps, and ground walnut shells. I've never made a pincushion, probably because I don't usually use them -- just a pin box, instead.

  8. What do you use to fill them. Is it only wadding...or poly fill...or do you use walnut shells as well.

  9. How pretty are those scrappy pincushions! Would you believe I’ve only made one in my life (as a gift) and never one for myself? I need to remedy that.

  10. How fun for you to have received all those scraps from Selina! I'm sorry I'm just now reading about this, but your thank-you pin cushions are wonderful. Selina's is so bright! Colorful! I must mention... did you know Selina and I are friends? In fact, we live less than a mile from one another, AND we're in the same local quilting group. Small world, huh? I wish I'd been following you before, but I'm following you now! Hugs, Linda

  11. Is pin cushion making contagious? Because now I want to make some!! LOL Too bad my crushed walnut shells didn't make the move last year!


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