Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Wonderful Wednesday - Quilt Guild for the Win(s)

Welcome to another edition of Wonderful Wednesday!!  Today I'm here to share the contents of the TWO Guild prizes that I won in recent months.  I mentioned them and showed a photo, but you never got to see the nitty gritty of the contents.

Last month, I won the Bernina World of Sewing door prize:

Here's a better look at the contents:

Beautiful cork and coordinating fabrics...

... Along with a cork tassel to complete a fun project:

The accompanying gift certificate required a shopping trip...

... Which I finally braved after last week's Quilt Bee meeting:

That gift certificate went toward the purchase of the two items in the foreground of the photo below:

Yay!  Fancy new snips to try a different design and an adjustable "hump jumper" which turned out to be even better than the one that I had originally hoped to purchase.

Thank you to Sona @ Bernina World of Sewing for your support of Durham Orange Quilt Guild!  It was a pleasure to be back in your beautiful store.  The staff couldn't have been any more helpful and made for a pleasant shopping experience.

That was wonderful and oh-SEW-good, but back at the December Guild meeting...

I won the Membership Basket from among the members who prepaid their 2021 dues:

While I shared the contents of the basket with LeeAnn @ Not Afraid of Color shortly after my win, I never got around to showing YOU...

Until now.

Let's have a little explore, shall we???  In the basket, I found the following items...

A selection of quilt magazines:

Some journals and a variety of storage containers:

A few notions, including the pack of needles that I made use of recently when I managed to bend the one in my "piecing" machine:

Several yards of batiks on cardboard "mini bolts" for easy storage:

Pins, a magnetic pin holder, and a fun selection of precut fabrics, along with some fancy thread and a bottle of scent-free Best Press:

Sorry this is taking SEW long, but the basket was chock full of sewing items that I thought you might want see...

... Like a collection of Judy Niemeyer paper piecing patterns:

Spooky Halloween fun with a pattern, buttons, thread...

... And a darling little spider quilt hanger, too:

Sticky stuff that I've already used in a number of projects:

Templates, rulers, a needle holder, a notions holder, and (lucky me!) a replacement for my favorite seam ripper which has been getting a workout lately:

A selection of embellishments...

... Along with Cable Cuffs, a pack of quilt greeting cards, and of course the basket, which I plan to use for storing MORE fabric scraps:

Thank you to Ella K. for putting together such a fabulous prize basket.  It was filled with a wonderful selection of usable quilting items!  I'm enjoying pulling out something new with each project that needs "a little something", whether that means some sticky stuff to hold down an applique for stitching, an errant line of quilting that needs removing with a sharp new seam ripper, or if I want a challenging new project to stretch my skills as a quilt maker, it's ALL in the basket!!

Until next time...
SEW lucky!!!


  1. Congratulations on your score!

  2. W😍W!!! That's a lot of prizes!!! What do you do with cable cuffs??? Cute cards there at the end.

  3. Oh my goodness what fun! Congratulations on your wins.

  4. Amazing prizes! You are a Lucky Duck! Lots of useful stuff!

  5. That's quite a haul. E=I know you'll make good use of all of it.

  6. Wow!! This post is like an entire store's shopping page! Congrats on all your winnings. What is a "hump jumper"?

  7. Lucky lady! That is quite the prize bucket from your membership win! So many fun items to play with.

  8. Lots of fun goodies, Joy! Looks like you're already enjoying them. I have the same question as Louise - what is a hump jumper? :)

  9. Congratulations on the great win. You really made out with some fun and lovely goodies. Have a great week .

  10. Those were really chocked full of sewing delights! So happy you get to make use of them!

  11. OMG, holy cow and all that, wow what a nice haul you have made!!!! That should keep you busy and out of trouble, haha. Yes do tell what hump jumper did you get?

  12. Wow, what a haul! Congratulations on the fantastic wins.

  13. Wow! You really hit the jackpot! So cool that you are able to be active in a quilt guild, too. I hope one day I can do that!


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