Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sew Some Love Sunday - Quilt Con Charity Meet-up

Welcome to another edition of Sew Some Love Sunday!!  I've got some exciting news to share this week.  I have just (really, like 15 minutes ago) returned from QuiltCon East.  It was a fun show to attend and I got to meet some people who are busy helping people through quilting.

This was a new-to-me quilt show.  Friends and I attacked it at a different pace (and order) than I otherwise might have.  Jacquie Gering was doing a demo as the show opened for the day, so we ambled over that direction first.

After watching part of Jacquie's demo, a couple of us decided to wander the show.  We took in some of the challenge quilts before finding our way back to the front of the venue.  Next came the "winner's circle", followed by a portion of the vendor booths.

It was at one of these vendor booths that I heard something that caught my ear.  "... kids with cancer... Atlanta area... quilts."  This was coming from a woman who was taping her quilting story for Quilt Alliance.  This woman was Holly Anne from Quilts for Cure.

I had been by the booth as she had begun taping, not catching her name, but had continued on with my "window shopping" then circled back for a Quilt Alliance T-shirt.  When Holly Anne finished speaking, I introduced myself, told her that I had just mailed her a quilt block last week (or the week before, as I couldn't recall!) and we got photos together:

Please ignore the crazy pulled back/ponytail look.
My hair was bothering me that morning!!

Friends and I also caught the tail end of the PULSE meet-up:

We blogged about our PULSE quilts HERE.

Members of the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild were on hand to share statics, stories, and thanks with those who answered the call to help with quilts in the aftermath of the Pulse Nightclub Shooting. The response to their plea was overwhelming.  The quilts were much appreciated by all who received them.  This included survivors, families of victims, EMT and Fire Department first responders, hospital personnel, 911 dispatchers, and the list goes on.  We were told that arrangements are currently being made for the delivery of the very LAST quilt.  If YOU participated in any way, the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild offers a heartfelt thank you!!

Also, introducing...

Grandad's Shirt Block Drive for Covered in Love!!  Kat from Kat and Cat Quilts blog just released the March/April block drive tutorial for our sewing pleasure.  Check it out (and make a block or two or ten!!)

Linking up (on Wednesday) for Sew Some Love.

Until next time...
Quilt for a Cause!!!


  1. What fun that you were able to meet some other great charity quilters at QuiltCon! I've been enjoying the photos from the event on my Instagram feed, too.

  2. So cool you were able to attend Quilt Con! I love Savannah!

  3. Looks like a blast, Joy! I'm jealous. Thanks for linking up!


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