Monday, February 20, 2017

Mail Call Monday - Scrappy Love

Welcome to another edition of Mail Call Monday (the late night edition!!)  I received several packages in last week's mail.  It is with much excitement that I will share the contents with you.

First came this GIANT squishy from Cathy R. out in Colorado:

Here is a bird's eye view of the contents:

Get a load of all the SEA GREEN goodness:

Thank you for your generosity, Cathy!!!

The next arrival was from Katie Z. over in Kansas:

 Lots of AQUA strips in the box shown above:

An extra surprise was slipped in!!  Handmade soap fitting this month's color cue for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge:

A closer look at the variety of shades included:

Thank you for sharing, Katie!!

Last, but not lease, an envelope from Deb A. down in Florida:

 She included a quick note with her batch of lovely TEAL strips:

Thank you for responding to my plea, Deb!!

I mentioned at the beginning of today's post how excited I was about receiving these packages.

What's the deal with all these squishies, Joyful???

Well, you see, I put out a call for more SEA GREEN scraps to finish the Rainbow Strings expansion project.  These generous quilters dug though their scraps and sent strips that fit the bill.


Well, THREE packages seems quite remarkable when you consider that my request was made near the VERY END of THIS POST!! These quilters took the time to read about my week, in its entirety. They didn't just look at the pictures or scan what I had to say.  Not only did they READ the whole post, but they responded (and followed through!!)  For that, I am truly grateful.

Thanks also goes out to the other quilters who were kind enough to check there stashes, only to find them lacking in ocean colors. (You know who you are.)  I just wanted to let you (and others) know that I appreciate your effort.

Until next time...
Share the (scrappy) love!!!


  1. I always read to the end, but I was running low myself!

  2. Whoohoo! Jackpot! Such generosity among quilters, it's phenomenal. Glad you received so many. Now, on to the sewing machine because I want to see what beauties these fabrics will grow into. ;^)

  3. I'm so pleased that they got there and that you like them.

    I'm also (selfishly)pleased that I can close my blue-green storage box once again. Win, win for all.

    Happy quilting for all!

  4. So glad it arrived and allowed you to finish up some blocks!


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